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Day 265 ~ I Can't Say for Sure BUT!

Today the penny dropped.

(Odd expression… origin – penny candy machines maybe?)

I was thinking about the music frequency, 528 Hz again. That story has really been on my mind and not just because I did a speech about it yesterday. 161 more words

Hero's Journey

Celebrating light is life.

Today, Indians all over the world are celebrating ‘normal-Diwali’ by firing crackers, eating sweets and enjoying the holiday with their families.

You might wonder why I have put a prefix ‘normal’ before Diwali. 382 more words

Diwali celebration


You would probably be surprised by the number of “Illuminati” related results that come up when you start typing the word “illumination” in Google. Sorry if you came here expecting theories about the Illuminati. 488 more words

Vatican Library Doing Something Good

The Vatican library are uploading around 4000, yes four thousand, ancient manuscripts for viewing, for free.


The above link should take you to the article.  79 more words

For The Married (Part 5)

Marriage does not solve any problems.

All over the world married people are figuring this out.
For every lovestruck lover that’s rushing in, three disillusioned ones are clawing their way out. 576 more words


Forth Bridge @ Night

Forth Bridge @ Night by iancowan1 (http://ift.tt/1oocJMB) at 2013-03-18T20:52:48+00:00 (via http://ift.tt/1x2zZPh)


Patents of the 2014 Nobel Laureates in Physics

The United Nations has deemed the coming year to be the “International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies” in an effort to raise global awareness about the role optical technologies play in the development of society and providing solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health.   598 more words