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The Heavens Break Loose in 2014

Yesterday afternoon, I received the following Comment from our friends at Cosmic Convergence, regarding their recent article, All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014  6,682 more words


Malaysia Airlines MH370: The fin de siècle BlackOps stunt which couldn't be concealed, by Alcuin Bramerton

To my delight, in my mailbox this morning I found this article from Alcuin, updated and expanded from April 14th. It’s quite a read – and held a couple surprises for me. 1,746 more words


Why is a Twin of the Missing MH370 in a Hanger in Israel? by Chris Bollyn

Source: bollyn.com
April 18, 2014
Thanks to G. 

In a previous article entitled “Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?”, I presented the evidence that an identical twin of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been in storage in a hanger at Tel Aviv’s airport since November 2013.  623 more words


PressTV: MH370 may have landed safely somewhere: Reports

Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:18AM GMT

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After weeks of search in the Indian Ocean, an investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is considering the possibility that the plane has landed somewhere else, sources say. 231 more words


Russian Su -24 scores off against the American "USS Donald Cook"

Source: Russian Radio
April 21, 2014
Thanks to G, who says: I saw this story a few days ago and saved it. As it is now appearing on various other sites, it might be worth covering. 736 more words