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He for She

I used to be a stunt actor, and I mean not the dare devil but as an actual trained profession.

I cherish those days, but that does not mean that I introduce myself as a ‘former’ stunt actor wherever I go now. 489 more words

The Dark Box

Once upon a time it was barely used
So small,
So easy to hide,
So simple to ignore.
It just sat there collecting dust.

No more dusty from overusing; 146 more words


A cough and an ache

I used to be a hypochondriac, until the depression and other weirdness got too much. There was a point several years ago when my fear of cancer, AIDS, antibiotic resistant bugs etc.. 262 more words

The War Department Store

Deceptive are the ways,
Untruthful are the words.
A War Department weighs…
Their name is now deferred.

Offensive the offensive,
Soften and ease the edges. 61 more words


"The Chinese Swindlers" - A routine with the Dynamic Coins gimmick.

The dynamic coins routine

Hold onto your butts guys, this article contains a learnable dynamic coins routine (don’t scoff yet, its actually quite good)

The dynamic coins. 1,559 more words

Card Magic

An Ocean in a Drop

We are just another one in many
just the same as any
alike as every-
one can be.

We are the social notions
Living life in accordance to our illusions… 35 more words