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Of art and words and all that’s magic,

There’s much behind the curtain shroud -

The lions, snakes, and dread chimeras,

All silent to the witless crowd. 58 more words


Truth will always tell

Truth always tells

I feel kind of conceited because I’m reconsidering naming myself truth

but if you ask the deepest people around me they have all deemed it accordingly… 283 more words

Written Work

The Illusion of "Hate"

What does it mean when we “hate” something or someone? It seems to me that when we dislike someone, it is actually because we are seeing something that we don’t like about ourselves.   207 more words


The Great Illusion

O Beloved Seeker of Truth,
It is said this whole world – Samsara,
Is nothing but Illusion created by Name and Form.

Do you know what does it mean? 87 more words

Helping Pointers

A bit tricky!

trick art museum

I saw a few pictures of this place while searching the web. I found the photos quite interesting so one day, I decided to go and check it out. 75 more words


Advice Samsung Illusion Prepaid Phone Platinum Verizon Wireless

For many, the decision depends largely on who their cell phone wireless carrier is. This shouldn’t be a factor, however, as you can now port (move) your phone number from one carrier to another, even if you are under contract. 310 more words


Bill Hicks 101

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. That we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.

42 more words