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July Goodbye

I’m so sorry my funny stunning hurricane of a girl. Did I get it all wrong? Did I turn your words upside down so I could see what I wanted to see and hear what I wanted to hear? 325 more words


“‘All darkness is not evil, and all evil is not darkness,’” Lord Brookford said solemnly, as he gazed at Ismachestra. ‘How can you be so sure that I am of the dark, when darkness hides in plain sight?’” 251 more words


Althusser on Ideology and Reality

Ideology is a ‘Representation’ of the Imaginary Relationship of Individual to their Real Conditions of Existence

In order to approach my central thesis on the structure and functioning of ideology, I shall first present two theses, one negative, the other positive. 159 more words


Things of Maya

There are agreements and then there are agreements. This is more about learning lessons.

I saw a post today by a homeless woman, someone whose story I don’t know. 252 more words

Cosmic Consciousness

Crazy Circle Illusion!

The balls are travelling in straight lines!


The Illusionist's Illusion: #36

“The Devil is in the Details” as they say.  The creativity level of these designs are simply amazing and I find myself trying to push the boundaries of what is possible with my own designs because of things like this. 10 more words

Picture Time


Iluzja, mural, Szczecin. Na podstawie iluzji japońskiego artysty Hajime Ouchi. Praca znajduje się również w serwisie Ekosystem.