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We're back - with a zebra face

It’s been a while since our last upate and we’re blaming it on the summer. It’s been long and hot and laziness is taking over. 90 more words

Illusion in MPC's channel 4 idents

In The Moving Picture Company’s idents for Channel 4, the figure ’4′ appears to emerge from an architectural backdrop. The moment of revelation, when the apparently environmental objects align to present a ‘4’, is comparable to the climax of a dramatic illusion: ‘a moment of surprise… when the spectator suddenly realises his expectations were wrong’  358 more words


JESUS via JOHN SMALLMAN: It Is Your Nature To Roam The Divine Cosmos Freely ~ July 22, 2014


Within the illusion time expands and contracts, it is unreal and unreliable, and yet as you experience it it appears to move in a regular and linear fashion from the past, with all its memories, momentarily and continuously through the present, and into the uncertainty of a future that you try to forecast and pin down . 913 more words

Channeled Messages

Grace Williams, Escamotage exhibition review

Grace Williams
ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham
25 June – 16 July 2014

I visited Grace Williams’ exhibition on two occasions. On the first, my immediate response was to the almost overwhelming citrus smell emanating from the gallery. 736 more words


Temporal Measures are Like Currency (Standards for Experienced Duration 3)

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The man is bemused by this exchange. His colleague makes some tea and sits by the window. Looking out at her ‘clock’ (or, he thinks, exactly… 1,120 more words


The Windowsill Clock (Standards for Experienced Duration 2)

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The real problem the man has with the sea’s timekeeping is not with the sea. It is with his ex-colleague, who uses the sea to judge time. 1,550 more words