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Lost in place

This is what they say about the earth, its where we live, its where we can breathe, feed, dream, pray, play, sex, kill and fight wars, its where diseases are, its where we feel and see love, it’s the land of ideas and the grand maze of an incredible illusion that’s part of the art of living and what we call life; my life, my illusion. 1,375 more words

My Friend John Explains Sports and How Everything Is an Illusion

My favorite part of being with my friend John was his TV.  I can only imagine exactly how much a set like that cost.  It was paper-thin, lightening fast, had internet access to every single web site this degenerate world has created from children’s math games to underground Greek porn.  955 more words

Avoiding the trap of Satan's subtle seductions!

On this talk show: How to avoid falling into the trap of Satan’s subtle seductions by learning lessons from the wisest fool in the Bible! (Mark Atteberry) 9 more words


The Re-Reading Project Guest Post: Sati

I once knew this girl who thought she was God.  She didn’t give sight to the blind or raise the dead.  She didn’t even teach anything, not really, and she never told me anything I probably didn’t already know. 

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The (Sometimes) Curse of a Wild Imagination

Let me tell you a story. Approximately five weeks ago, I planted my spring garden. Broccoli seedlings along with carrot, radish, pea, and spinach seeds all went into the ground with the highest of hopes. 499 more words

Personal Growth

On All the Things We Left Unsaid

My dear friend, and I suppose you know who you are that I am referring to,

It is hardly a right thing for me to say that this post is for you only, but seeing as the truth is that you are the only one whom I could confide in, you can see that this post, in all its essence, is partly for you, and partly for me. 1,415 more words

S is for... SHIFT

S is for SHIFT
As in slight color shifts
from eyes to scanners,
computer screens
or printed out again.
To quote or misquote Moody Blues: 225 more words

Colored Pencils