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I have no pills for you to take,

but I can only suggest

that you go walk down the city street and see the ball, no, the masquerade! 173 more words

Wobbly Pebbled Path

She loves the husband in her mind,
Refutes all arguments against him—
But that’s okay, as I’ve grown weary
Of fencing with her reality.
A thousand times, I’ve heard her say, 408 more words


Wordless Wednesday - What is this?

Wordless Wednesday – What is this?

Normally I put on some 3D street art, and though this came under that as you can see it is not street. 50 more words


Ain't that a Biaaa deGrasse?

Tonight’s digital composite is a special self portrait. The composite features: the colorless ghost of me; a special algorithm; a black hole; and a special awakening quote by the man I love…Neil deGrasse Tyson. 9 more words

Pleasure And Pain

Fairest Love, Unmet

Labyrinth of shadowed gems, the heart—
Wherein mysterious spells are cast
To bless with love, in bounty gleaned,
Or curse with dearth while on scorched earth. 206 more words



Just sitting in my room tonight, eating salt and vinegar chips, hearing dogs barking in the background, the sirens going off. I ended up thinking (like most times you do when boredum strikes), of feelings for my beloved New York. 137 more words