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Spotlight on Richard Bach, Part 2: Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

So after discovering Richard Bach through Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I started to read everything I could by him, and while I liked everything I read,  it was… 390 more words



Mirrors do not lie
but duplicate illusions
of truth and beauty

A Poet's Journey

Attention aux mirages des Zones Franches Urbaines et de la défiscalisation

Bonjour à toutes et tous!

Un article à partager avec vous, qu’en pensez vous?

Toujours être vigilant(e)s.

Si vous avez besoin de conseils, d’un accompagnement, ou vous avez des questions sur notre fiscalité, contactez moi, je serai la pour vous assister. 311 more words


Moiez - Illusions ft. Larcy

Moiez – Illusions ft. Larcy Subscribe for more EDM music daily! http://bit.ly/13b8Pov Subscribe to my second channel for the best in indie and alternative music! … 19 more words

Soul Reaver

“Could you reave my soul….. soul reaver?” the man asks me as he walks next to me.

I am frozen. Standing in the middle of a complex set of sigils as this man that looks like G with huge curls in his hair looks me over. 1,300 more words


Chronicles of YHWH 28: A Metastable Figment

Angel Gabriel once found YHWH pacing up and down in his library, deep in thoughts. YHWH seemed deeply distracted and anxious.

Gabriel: Lord, is everything alright? 321 more words


The Construction of Interface

What a great article! This piece talked about all the things I’m interested in; virtual reality, video games, highly interactive installations. The work of David Rokeby (the writer of the article) is what I found particularly interesting, especially his pieces… 286 more words