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Somewhere in Eden, after all this time,

does there still stand, like a city in ruins,

forsaken, doomed to slow decay,

the failed garden?

“Eden” by Ina Rousseau… 40 more words

Candy Church, Selling Merch

Sermons titled like cologne,
One worded their containment.
Focussing the eyes, alone,
Offered entertainment.

Treacle laden messages,
Sickly sweet the odor.
Hypnotizing vestiges,
Perpetual the motor. 147 more words


The Two Voices

Invocation:  Dear Holy Spirit, I bring to you all of my doubt regarding my ability to share your message with the world.  My ego tells me that I am not worthy and that I should not be deceived in You.  2,089 more words


Dreams or illusions

a beautiful



soft images

as unreal

as the thoughts

that fuel them


a mind creates

as a means

to survive

while reality… 30 more words


Power of Doubt

Your silly interpretations of love

Carried me into a disillusioned adventure

That I actually molded and created

You choked me with compliments

Whose fakeness were as real as the nylon bag you chose… 294 more words


Smothered by insanity

Pretty faces, pretty faces linger all around.

You’re nothing but a killjoy in this part of town.

I’ve seen the way your eyes gleam in these empty streets. 29 more words