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A Message on the Twin Flame Journey

This is a message I received last night when I asked the angels to help me know beyond a doubt who my Twin Flame really is. 571 more words


Have you ever lost faith in your life

In the lies spread a bit too thin,

The illusions insufficient in their illusoriness

To cover the burn and the sting? 55 more words



Doubt is but a mere illusion, an illusion which halts ones conclusion. Doubt not what has yet to come, and doubt not what has become. 26 more words


High Council of Atlantis Wisdom shares Twin Flame Knowledge..

High Council of Atlantis Wisdom shares Twin Flame Knowledge..

November 16, 2014 MamaFoo 0 Comments

Today I am going to share knowledge about the Light House Movement within the Lightworker Consciousness and Collective of Now and why that is. 5,473 more words

Dust to Dust

This afternoon I pulled the tiny bottle off the golden web. I uncorked the wish dust, dumped it out, then blew it away. I didn’t make a wish because we all know that “wishes are only granted in fairy tales.” (Simone Elkeles, Perfect Chemistry #1)

Body And Mind

Is It Part of Growing Older?

I’m greatly afraid that my generation has lost its collective marbles. I take comfort in the fact, that every generation at some point is spoken of this way. 1,498 more words



For the past few weeks I have been sleeping very deeply because of some antihistaminic medication and have been dreaming a great deal. The best part of that is that I have been dreaming a lot about my Mom. 730 more words