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Burial - Lambeth

The internet is surely buzzing right now with the release of Hyperdub 10.4 and along with it a rare Burial track that has been making its rounds in the underground for a while now. 44 more words


Unexpected Delights #3 ~ Illusive; Wild Flower

The much anticipated return,

After the longest hiatus…

The Big Fresh Collective is proud to present Unexpected Delights #3; Wild Flower by Illusive.

This seriously is the biggest singular piece of procrastination in my entire life. 498 more words

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Use Your Illusion, Part I

Dystopian novels are often set in the near future and feature an oppressive alternate universe that extrapolates upon the worst tendencies of contemporary society. If you read… 518 more words

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illusive   /ɪˈl(j)uːsɪv/


deceptive; illusory.

“an illusive maybe”


X-Men Maybe, Ocean Eleven You're Not

You will give us that money, or I’ll give the feds this and your location

                                                                      Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones

                                                                                         3 stars

You would think with a line like that,

506 more words
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