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The chicken or the egg...a story evolves...

I dare you not to be inspired by my young friend, Briana’s, story…what do her illustrations suggest…

My mind is racing….who is the girl…what are her motivations…what is her journey…. 55 more words


Learning to illustrate

Happy Monday y’all!

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my crush on Alma Loveland‘s work before, but in case I haven’t – her work is amazing and I love everything she does. 157 more words

Graphic Design

What a great idea!

Good Morning!

So I’ve been thinking.

Oh, come on now, quit shaking your head and rolling those eyes for just a second and let me explain. 218 more words


Practice makes ... better

Though there are endless quotes and stories of people who achieve incredible things after a myriad of failings, it is still intimidating to begin or jump in to something new. 684 more words

Food Photography

The shortest distance between two coasts is a wonky line.

Playwrights say that if a gun appears on stage, somebody will use it before the curtain falls. Photographers say that the best camera is the one you have with you. 258 more words


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"The unfolding miles inspired me to use the pen which in turn defined the journey we were on. I saw connections between things, I saw unusual shapes, I saw common things suddenly looking very uncommon. I was hyperaware of the light, of the weather, of the ravages of time. Holding a pen can be like donning polarizing sunglasses, sharpening everything in your field of vision."

This is exactly how I feel, except that instead of a pen, I have my camera....

Cool illustrations and well written post. Highly recommend it!

OUR STORY: Once upon a time, there lived two sisters.

They loved to play together and draw beautiful worlds and make funny characters . Together they imagined stories about their favorite places and invited others to join their creative games. 184 more words


Illustrator Saturday - Rebecca Caridad

I would like to introduce you to illustrator Rebecca Caridad. I think you will enjoy reading the interview I had with her and getting to know her through her playful artwork. 2,941 more words

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