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Wednesday - October 22 Chameleon

I was watching a PBS nature show about misfit animals and reptiles. The colorful Chameleon was one of the stars of the show. This fellow was fun to draw and paint, and a little help in Photoshop. 13 more words


Halloween Haunted House Relief Art Print

Haunted House Relief Art Print

         Trees are stark and a bright fall moon hangs in the sky. Leafless branches reach toward the windows. An overgrown iron gate stands sentinel to the grounds, waiting for the brave soul to venture near. 119 more words



‘Do you even sonnet bro??!’ Draft, copyright © 2014 Bridget Fahey Hodder


For the Love of Gaultier

Over the past 3 years I’ve grown found of a certain frenchman. Jean Paul Gaultier. I’ve always admired the drive and talent he possessed at such a young age. 159 more words

Fashion Illustration

Things that are not on the computer

I have always been cautioned that if you do what you love for your job it can sometimes turn your fun into drudgery. This has yet to happen to me, but after working on the computer all day I will admit to having very little desire to start drawing more things on another computer. 44 more words



This is one of my experimentation with watercolour that went really well. It started off with me creating random textures with colours and brushstrokes. I had no end goal in mind. 45 more words