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Craft and gardening and all that? It's officially considered Work

Busily transcribing the interview I had this morning with a recently retired International Labour Organisation statistician. Amazing person. Her area was work that has not historically been considered “real” work, nor factored into GDPs, i.e., “invisible” economies of goods and services that the ILO as of last fall refers to as “own-use production,” and it has very openly declared own-use production to be considered… 508 more words


Ghaleb Hosseini sent to jail

August 22, 2014

Ghaleb Hosseini a member of Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations “CCHFWO” sent to Jail on Monday August 22, 2014. The Court in Sanandaj city sentenced him to 6 months Jail for his membership in CCHFWO and his political activity. 120 more words

18 Aug marks 500 days until the UN Millenium Development Goals’ target date

The World Health Organisation has tweeted in the last hour about its progress in assisting countries in meeting the UN Millennium Goals with just 500-days to go. 573 more words


HP iLo - Unknown detail. i.e. IP, Username and Password

If your environment is anything like mine, some things pop up now and again that has either been neglected or thrown at you last minute. 325 more words



An independent Scotland could for ease of planning for their employment law simply roll over the existing UK Law as applicable for Scotland. This would provide an initial framework from which to develop the law. 481 more words



Here are some memories saved from this summer,  In the collage all photos can be enlarged by a click.