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After a lengthy battle, Hong Kong men have scored three days of semi-paid paternity leave

Hong Kong has been battling unsuccessfully against a declining birth rate that will leave the city’s median age at 52 this year and saddle the city’s youth… 359 more words


Joulukuu. Antamisen aikaa. Kauppakeskuksien kuusissa roikkuneita toiveita, joita toiset ihmiset toteuttavat, erilaisia avunantoja fyysisessä muodossa vauvoista vaareihin, yllätysleivonnaisia ja ties mitä.Hupihana iloitsee kaikista erilaisista, hyvistä näkemistään jutuista, niin kotomaassa kuin kauemmaksi vietynäkin. 198 more words

Youth and the Job Market - Lack of higher education in developing countries, over-education in advanced economies writes ILO

Youth with post-secondary education living in middle and low-income countries have a much higher chance of finding a decent job than those with only secondary or primary education, says a new ILO publication Is education the solution to decent work for youth in developing economies?  446 more words


Maritime Labour Convention 2006 - application for SCVs

The articles of the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention are now coming into force in the UK flag. The application of the new rules place requirements on small vessel operators to a varying degree. 346 more words


800.000 εργαζόμενοι έχουν πληγεί από τον τυφώνα Hagupit

Η Διεθνής Οργάνωση Εργασίας (ILO) εκτιμά ότι 800.000 εργαζόμενοι έχουν πληγεί από τον τυφώνα Hagupit, γνωστό ως Ruby, όπου είτε καταστράφηκαν είτε έχουν υποστεί ζημιές οι πηγές βιοπορισμού τους κατά την διάρκεια μιας νύχτας. 10 more words

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Knowing your rights - a new App for seafarers

Being away from home and in far flung corners of the world can be great fun.  For anyone travelling things can go wrong but the problems for seafarers when in difficulties abroad can be particularly acute.   210 more words