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All you need is love!

Yesterday we visited the love statue! It’s smaller than everyone thinks it should be (the big one is in NYC and the smaller one is on campus). 21 more words

I'm A Tourist!

Highland Holiday, London Living, Edinburgh Escape

The highlight of my summer between EMS placements (all of June and half of July) and studying for resit exams (mid-August) came from my roommate in undergrad, we’ll call her JJ (and hope she doesn’t kill me for it, lol). 558 more words

I'm A Tourist

Summer Memories a.k.a. Around the Balkans

Lately it’s been quiet in the blog because it’s been busy in my life. Sometimes silence in social media can mean that you actually have – a life! 524 more words

My Life


The weekend right before school started, mom and her friend wanted to quickly go to NYC. New York is really close by to Philly (as is DC). 822 more words

I'm A Tourist!

Day 1 in Philly

I have now officially moved to Philadelphia, which is probably the scariest thing that I’ve ever done. (Just a friendly reminder that nobody should EVER bring a baby on a red eye flight EVER.) So I spent my first official day in Philadelphia completely exhausted. 168 more words

I'm A Tourist!