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db Bistro

In New York we went to dinner at db Bistro. Since they’re known for their truffle burger, we each had to get one.

Some bread to get us started… 32 more words

I'm A Tourist!


The Disney store in Times Square has a giant SVEN!*

Also, the escalator took you up through a Tangled themed area. Trust Disney to make everything awesome. 8 more words

I'm A Tourist!

Random Leftover Photos from New York

And now for a random post about New York. I had some picture left but I didn’t want to write a blog post for each set so here’s a compilation! 151 more words

I'm A Tourist!

A Post To Fuel Amanda's Procrastination

While in New York, we were getting some cheesecake by Times Square and guess who happened to be outside?


I know, Vanessa thought that I was going to be trampled but somehow I managed to get to the front of the crowd. 11 more words

I'm A Tourist!

Russ and Daughters

In New York, we stopped by Russ and Daughters to have some food.

Look at their selection!

All the fish!!!

The most delicious bagel I have ever had!

I'm A Tourist!

Greenwich Village Food Tour

On Saturday, we joined a food tour of Greenwich Village and learned a bit about the history of the area, but more importantly we got to sample some good food! 467 more words

I'm A Tourist!

The Brooklyn Bridge Is a Long Bridge

Cecilia had this absolutely *brilliant* idea that we should walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday morning so that when we got hot chocolate on the other side, it would taste so much better. 143 more words

I'm A Tourist!