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Rien Est Aussi Absurde Que Nicks

I had been thinking about how the word “nothing” gave a huge impact in my life. Technically, I am nothing. Nothing is in my life and so does this poor blog of mine. 144 more words


Songs that make good status updates on Facebook

Unfortunately, today seems like a humdrum Friday for me so instead of picking another favorite band/singer to feature here, I have instead made a compilation of songs that I think would make great status updates on Facebook. 393 more words


I Fucking Hate Vanilla

Shit flavor. It’s unimaginative. It’s boring.

Who the fuck goes into an ice cream place and says, hey just give me a scoop of milk and cream. 603 more words


On Hiatus till Monday

I’m not going to do anymore posts for the rest of this week. Here’s a filler image for you to stare at while I go back to bed for about 96 hours. Till then, Grass out.