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“Take me away and leave me behind…Save me from myselfno, let me be, I’m fine.”


I'm Fine Attitude - Truth that Hurts

I’m Fine Attitude: Struggling to get through the difficult parts of life while keeping an outward appearance that everything is just fine. That is my definition of an “I’m fine attitude”. 1,210 more words


I’m fine is an indication that something is wrong.



Oblivion, take me,

Dash me to the ashes,

Let me be numb,

Undone, I wish not to feel,

I am dirt and dirty,

I have… 54 more words

Kieran Davis

Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

Please listen.

Please, just give me a minute.

Try to see beyond the words I say out loud.

I know I look like I have it all under control. 637 more words

I'm Fine

People, more often that not, will say that everything is fine.

How can they not if the people who ask don’t we bear asking “why?” 173 more words


"I'm fine" - Bull shit!

The word fine has many faces. If you ask a women if she is fine she hardly ever is. If you ask a man if he is fine he is. 635 more words

"I'm Fine"