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Hello, I'm Charlotte and I Suffer With Depression

My name is Charlotte and I suffer with depression. I have not been diagnosed at the doctors but I know I definitely suffer with clinical depression. 1,017 more words


Because no matter what, no matter how, it will always boil down to this: “I’m okay, I’m fine.”

I'm Fine.

I’m Fine. The biggest white lie uttered throughout history.

It’s days like this where I just want to shout from the rooftops, dash away from all my problems and just live for the moment. 439 more words



An ambigram is a word or phrase that can be read both right side up and upside down. In some ambigrams, the word that can be read is the same in both ways, but in some cases, the words that can be read both ways are different. 347 more words


Having a life-long condition is a total ball ache

It’s so surreal to be twenty-three years old, a deranged workaholic, a ‘social butterfly’ (AKA, I hold people to ransom to force them to hang out with me), and then to have to say to people, ‘Oh soz, can’t on Friday – my nurse is coming’. 1,081 more words

Jessie Thompson

Is she fine?

Darkness is then again everywhere.
The night’s so cold, the night’s so cruel.
Slowly, she dug deep inside her
The chest full of secrets she thought she can forget. 63 more words