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Congratulations, Brangelina.

Looks like Brangelina finally got married. Congrats, guys.

I bet Jennifer Aniston is thrilled. Now there will be another two years of magazine covers featuring Jen looking perturbed and ‘pregnant’ for the 23rd time, with the caption STILL ALONE.  8 more words


i'm fine, and you?

For quite some time now, my inner voice has felt weak and silent. As a newlywed pastor’s wife who encountered a number of rapid life changes, my first year of marriage was mostly a massive identity crisis in which I felt stuck, scared, and shattered, with little hope for the time to come. 116 more words

I'm Fine

Conscious Writing: 140826 - Invincible

i used to be invincible, nothing could stop me, no human emotions…no care for anybody or anything but myself. I feel fucking weak right now, fucking human, fucking needy as shit.

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"I'm fine, I'm fine"

And I would cry every time I remind myself that I’m not okay.


She sighed.
“I’m really fine.”, she assured him.

He nodded.
But deep inside him, he knew that something’s odd. How it seems more of like a message to herself than for him- like she’s reminding herself that she’s alright.


 We’ve all seen the meme’s on Facebook

and Pinterest, the ones that say that if a

Woman says she’s fine, she is anything

but that. Sometimes this is true, 413 more words

Defying Shadows

Hello, I'm Charlotte and I Suffer With Depression

My name is Charlotte and I suffer with depression. I have not been diagnosed at the doctors but I know I definitely suffer with clinical depression. 1,017 more words