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Who Are You? I Really Wanna Know!

I am a teacher and learner.
I wonder if I’m making a difference.
I hear children laughing.
I see smiles on happy faces.
I want to be effective. 130 more words

I'm New Here

Tentatively dipping my toe in the music blogesphere....

Hello friends, 

This blog of an inkling of an idea that I have had, an idea that at one point, may be revealed to you, the world wide web, and all you lovely beings at the other end of your screens… hello out there! 237 more words

Go Easy On Me

My Vision*

I am not new to life on the internet. I have been interwebbing for years. I’ve designed a few websites, and I’m currently the designer and webmaster for my school’s website. 420 more words



I’m Jesse, and this is my blog thingy :P

(I will probably talk about the most random things ever…)

I’m fifteen years old and spend most of my time watching Bryan Stars videos on YouTube, eating noodles, rollerblading and procrastinating…  227 more words

It's About Time!

One day I’ll write a book!

Every teacher has said that at least once in his or her career- including me. Especially me! Working with children is an fun, amazing, and often crazy experience. 50 more words

I'm New Here

I've thought about blogging. Now I am. Hi. Hello.

I, like just about everyone else, I’m sure, have thought about blogging for quite a long time. But what would I talk about? I haven’t really done /anything/ extraordinary. 116 more words

Pressed Pause..

Hello again, friends!

Turns out I am the worst blogger you’ve met.. two posts in and I fell of the face of the Earth. Good one, Jess! 297 more words

I'm New Here!