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hey again stranger!!!!!

before you go further….. you don’t need to read it unless you’re a fan of teenage girls’ stupid useless posts

so.. uhm… hello?

why am I doing this anyway….. 117 more words

Stories Of My Life

I'm So Tired - The Beatles

The song cuts through the heart in terms of lyrics and delivery. John feels so exhausted and helpless but resilient. Lost but not defeated. Hurt but not hopeless. 244 more words

John Lennon

Would You Rather We All Were Naked And Lived Underground???

I’ve heard virtually no one ever complain about how technology is supposedly doing more harm than good. In fact, I’ve only ever seen¬†people make comics and write blog posts about the impending doom technology is going to bring onto our society with the computers and phones and tablets they paid good money for just to get their bullshit point across. 617 more words

What Those Nasty White Chunks That Sometimes Come From Your Throat Are

Today I Found Out what those foul smelling, small, white-ish, chunks that you can sometimes feel at the back of your throat when you swallow are. 65 more words

Sex.... Thanks but No Thanks

My Beloved and I have been married for 15 years. I think we’re pretty normal and, like most marriages, the flames have dimmed… A lot. 557 more words