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Welcome to Old Lady Foodie!

By D. Kendra Francesco
Friday, July 25, 2014

I hate to cook. I’ll get that out in the open right now.

I also like to eat well. 491 more words


Pancakes Sunday!

Jag vet inte varför jag köpte Nutella igår, kurvor… Here I come! Farliga grejer….Det finns inte så mycket plats i mitt kök, tur att jag inte bor här permanent. 25 more words

What Am I Doing?

Get your priorities straight!

When I’m super tired and I favor my sleep over getting up, that’s one more missed opportunity, one more self-sabotaging move. I refuse to keep a treadmil-like life, going but never getting. 205 more words

A day late, and a buck short!

Happy Friday! I usually write these things on Thursdays, but stuff was going on.  So, here we are on Friday! Isn’t that something to be grateful for? 1,599 more words