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Stem cell researcher in Korea up to half a dozen retractions

Almost two years ago, we brought you — with the help of Trevor Stokes — the story of a stem cell researcher in Korea whose publication record, and career, unraveled after evidence of image manipulation surfaced in her work. 833 more words

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Data highjinx forces retraction of tumor paper in JBC

The Journal of Biological Chemistry has an illuminating retraction notice — we’re happy to be able to say — about a 2001 article from a group of researchers at the National University of Singapore. 187 more words

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Image manipulation on a budget

Following on from my last article on 3D modelling, the next application I want to show off in our ‘video game development on a budget’ series is… 1,825 more words


NIH/Harvard team loses aging study to manipulated data

Age has retracted a 2012 article by a group of scientists from the National Institutes of Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston after an NIH inquiry turned up evidence of data manipulation in the work. 545 more words

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Image Manipulation: From its history to its effects on society

Images play a major role in our lives. We are bombarded with advertisements on a daily basis as we ride the subway, read a magazine, watch TV and surf the internet. 140 more words

Fraud fells Alzheimer's "made to order" neurons paper in Cell

In 2011, a group of researchers at Columbia University reported in Cell that they had been able to convert skin cells from patients with Alzheimer’s disease into functioning neurons — a finding that raised the exciting prospect of “ 709 more words

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