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Image Manipulation with Processing

In developing my understanding of the techniques used in Processing, I was introduced to the idea of Method Overloading a feature found in Java. 114 more words

Design Iterations

Practical Work: Image Manipulation

I thought the next logical step would be to take some photos of my own and then manipulate these.



I took a simple set of chairs I saw in the train station, their faded appearance made them perfect for my image manipulation, I used the colour picker to get a colour to near what the seats should be. 10 more words

COP3 Practice

Create a simple infrared webcam using a Raspberry Pi, Pi noir and Flask

Some months ago I bought a Rapspberry Pi B+ and a Pi noir sensor, with the idea of using it as a small server and take IR pictures. 658 more words

Image Manipulation

Re-examining and feedback for my final peices.

What i have narrowed it down to is shown below.
I have multiple images below, 2 for past , 2 for present, and 4 for future.I only need one of each and the decision was hard for me, so i seemed the advice and feedback of other studying photographers to help me make my decision. 308 more words

Image Manipulation