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Images of the Day: 21/7/14

(Photo Credit: Oleg Artemyev/Roscosmos)

Cape Canaveral, the iconic American launchpad complex, is accustomed to launching missions into space, not being photographed from space. However, Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Artemyev, captured these amazing photographs of the area as the International Space Station travelled 260 miles overhead.


Image of the Day - 21st July 2014

Cosplayer: KoniCosplay
Character: Blood Elf
From: World of WarCraft
Photo by Shashin Kaihi


First Svalbard Trip

For the last 8 days I have cruising onboard the Malmo a small ship in the Arctic region of Svalbard photographing landscapes and wildlife with an amazingly great 12 passengers.   52 more words

Image Of The Day

Image of the Day

Astronaut Michael Collins is the only human being, living or dead, not in the frame of this picture:

Here’s the story of the picture and Collins – the man who took the photo and the only one of the three astronauts who did not get to walk on the moon on that historic day.


Images of the Day: 20/7/14

(Photo Credit: Alexander Gerst/ESA)

European Space Agency astronaut, Alexander Gerst, has managed to capture a number of photographs of the peak of the magnificent Mount Everest, as well as its mountainous neighbours, poking through a dense layer of cloud. 

The International Space Station

Image of the Day- Orange Aura

This image was taken back in 2010 at the Tucson Botanical Center and this particular flower called out to me. Long before I had the macro lens, so it is a bit rough- but looking back through old images, it again called out to me. Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!

MKS Images

Images of the Day: 19/7/14

(The ‘eye’ of the Sahara, otherwise known as the Richat Structure – Photo Credit: Oleg Artemyev/Roscosmos)

International Space Station Flight Engineer, cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev, has been busy building a collection of photographs of Africa and the Sahara desert, photographing the continent as the station travelled 260 miles overhead.

The International Space Station