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Starting the design process (research)

So today I began to consider the aesthetic and overall look that I am wanting to achieve with Vegetrouble. To get this pinned down I started with some basic research on visual presentation and the first two elements I came across was the rule of thirds and the Fibonacci sequence. 310 more words


Slushday for Super Bowl Sunday

Been a few days since there was a good sunrise and today was a first for me.  The ocean was quite calm and air temps were about -2 which made for some cool shore slush formations that I had never witnessed before.   22 more words


Streaming my DVD collection. Someday.

As 4 TB external drives approached $100 gave in to temptation, although my desktop has nowhere close to that capacity.  So what to do with all of the storage?  370 more words


Don't take my word for it---but HIS

I finally understand what “life and death in the power of the tongue” truly means. I had the impression that it meant that I have the power to destroy or let something live by my words. 666 more words


Every single look, shows that monster.

Every single look, shows that unbeliever.

The mirror returns my image, it keeps my secrets, it help the monster he sees in me. 57 more words

My Stuff


“Until the whole world is free to agree with you or disagree with you, until you have given the freedom to everyone to like you or not like you, to love you or hate you, to see things as you see them or to see things differently—until you have given the whole world its freedom—you’ll never have your freedom.” 32 more words