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Poem: Echoes


“Caloo! Caloo!” rang bravely out
From high stone walls, with massy shout
As men sang out with strong bellow
To greet the travellers below… 161 more words

Arts & Literature

Words with the Power to Move Us

Josiah Quincy made a speech in Boston near the outbreak of the American Revolution. Quincy was an influential attorney and the spokesman for the Sons of Liberty, a group of revolutionaries that included John Hancock and Paul Revere. 394 more words

The Spoken Word

Perspective Makes the Difference

It is always interesting to see how different things appear as well as feel when one’s perspective has changed. The way I saw things when I was younger in years and experience has altered a good deal in the intervening years. 485 more words

Philosophical Thought


“Desperately she clung to those last vestiges of light. Striving to memorize the warmth on her skin, the way the sunlight appeared through the leaves and caused them to glow. 143 more words

Dancing in the Daffodils

Your voice sounded of tears while mine sounded of fears
It was love for all the right reasons,
But wrong timings.
And it was new findings, 144 more words


This empty Night
full of pain
with the joy
of nights long past
Silently stalked by Grief
soft steps
on my crumpled
paper heart… 56 more words


One Of These Is Not Like The Other...Or Is It?

Let’s play that always endearing game of which one of these is not like the other. I will give you three countries, the United States, Australia and China. 799 more words