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Writing Prompt #35

Okay, so I love this little guy, and figured why not see what kind of stories evolve from your creative minds…

Happy Writing!


Supernatural Imagery // One


Many times the devil will try to torment, he will send demons to bug you and insult you and make you feel like nothing. He will try to put out your light. 140 more words

he is my grandfather by Duncan Gamble

he is my grandfather

i don’t know him

i probably never will

i like his voice

i imagine he drives a truck—

i am right.


Your Next Book?

Because of traditions of the book, this looks like a poem, or a musical score.

What would the book look like to which this is the poem or musical score? 19 more words

Creative Writing

The holy trinity

The holy trinity of contemporary novels, as I saw it, circa 1998. I was eighteen then and embarking upon the greatest reading era of my life (so far). 903 more words



Falling stars
you and I
falling together
We die
We live again
Burning brighter
growing dim
into space
We fall forever
through dark waste… 13 more words