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Paper Wings

These two paper wings were such simple things; like a puppet on a string even now the wound still stings. Weathered and worn, my wings were born.  127 more words



Balance Examples

Symmetrical Balance


Asymmetrical Balance


Radial Balance

Allover Balance


Writing Prompt #42

Last week sort of passed me by and I didn’t even realize I hadn’t posted a Writing Prompt until Friday.  My apologies to those who find them helpful or just interesting.   119 more words


blacksmithseye: Winder in colour… The bald red hill, Amon...


Winder in colour…

The bald red hill, Amon Rûdh.


Winder in colour…

The bald red hill, Amon…

Abstraction and projection

While doing some abstract photography, I could not stop thinking about the phenomenon of projection and creativity when encountering abstraction.

The mind does not like ambiguity. 292 more words

Life Philosophy

If Not Dead . . .

If Not Dead . . .

Swear to me swear to me that if it isn’t dead you’ll all come back.
― Stephen King, It


The Sorrows of Now

Sometimes it can fee like your heart is pulling you in two opposite directions. Your life could be so good on either end of the spectrum, two vastly different outcomes that each could leave you filled with happy butterflies, but the sacrifices each direction requires keep you from seeing the good in either bearing of your internal compass. 108 more words