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With a head pounding from misconstrued notions, I put a hand to my forehead. Have I become monster to the human race? A deep depth crawls out of my heart and spread to each limb making it almost impossible to move. 70 more words

Escape- The Grass

The grass is bright green, the sky a cloudy blue, trees covered in green leaves, and the sun beaming down to brighten the green of the grass.  101 more words



No twilight here

of gods

in surrender

but battles raging,


longest winter.

No hope apparent,


raging thirst,

godless, manless


consumed by lusts. 43 more words



lately, it’s just all about visual imagery: swirls of color and pastel palettes ~found on tumblr, a local museum, and my living room~ inspiring moi… 6 more words

So after unburdening myself yesterday, I feel better. I believe changes happen in our lives because we consciously decide to change them, and voicing them aloud shines a light on them. 21 more words



you worship blue
eat it for breakfast
so that you can become
blue & worship yourself
until dinner.