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Tell Me a Story

This is the latest Facebook friends-prompted work. Like ‘At Your Tree, but stemming from much more difficult ideas!

‘No! Tell me a proper story!’

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V2 Photo 85 'Blinded by the Light II'

Here’s today’s image…a variation on yesterday’s pic, in black & white rather than colour.

Photo © Nick Ritchie Photography 2014


Take me away

Day 1 of Fishing – sensorial image challenge with photographer Andrew Fish

Although cliche I have re looked at the worth of life and thought there are two things we need to have great lives. 631 more words



I can’t say for sure where this came from, but it may help to know I was thinking of Hunter S. Thompson and his book “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” when this came to me… … 142 more words


Womanly Beast: A poem

So, what’s left of Hurricane Gonzalo has come over to the UK, and has left it’s mark known. And as I walked to college, I watched the leaves in the sky, and the trees rattling, and the pipes creaking on the houses. 439 more words

Poems And Short Fiction

Eight-Legged Banana Says Hello

Eight-Legged Banana Says Hello

Because I am a very busy creature. Don’t forget to give the banana a hug!

(That’s not a spider, shhhh!)


Review of 'Love's Gutter', Thomas Glover

A little while back, a friend of mine mentioned to me that I ought to check out Thomas Glover’s recently published work. I messaged him, and he was more than happy to sign a copy for me. 567 more words