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Dedicated to my Imaginary Friend

Ace, my beloved computer, is dead. I am in mourning.

Many people develop relationships with computers, phones, copiers, fax machines. We bond with the technology that helps us connect, make money, occupy our time, fulfil needs that probably should be filled by real people but, hey, who has that kind of time? 620 more words


Review: Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

Dory is the youngest in her family and her older siblings won’t play with her at all.  So she is left to play on her own and thanks to her great imagination, Dory has a lot of fun.  Dory has a best friend, Mary, a monster who sleeps under her bed and is always willing to play.  There are also other monsters all over their house.  When Dory continues to bother her brother and sister, they make up a story about Mrs. 249 more words

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Kirstin's Group

Other parents of children with Down syndrome have told me how their child talks to him–or herself. This seems to be a common trend. In Kirstin’s case, she perfected  it to an art form. 515 more words


EP: Cosmic Sands - Blood Moon

The spellbinding pop of Blood Moon aka multi-instrumentalist Jesse Brickel first hit our ears in the wonderful single “Ghost.” It was an initial glimpse at the now released EP  126 more words


Last Line Lane, Speed Limit -- Somewhere in the Eighties

100 words for the film buffs of Friday Fictioneers, directed by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, based on her photo prompt.

(Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields)

Was that Gaff behind the hotdog stand? 98 more words


Unexpected Visitors

Another spell in hospital recently and back came visitors unseen for many years. Along with these came sounds unheard for a long time too.

These visitors arrived suddenly, unexpectedly. 246 more words


High Tea with Bruce Lee

Everybody has different levels of tolerance for solitude. Me, I’ve always had well-developed solitude management skills. I would do just fine on house arrest.  It actually sounds kinda relaxing to me.  1,844 more words

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