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Imaginary Lives

As a child, I never had an imaginary friend. I longed for one, was envious of the leagues, and mysteries into which I was not an initiate.  854 more words

Fairy Tales

Married without Kids

In a small town like Amarillo everyone gets married at age 20 and has kids at age 20 3/4. Not us. My wife and I are 30 and we don’t have any children yet. 512 more words

Nothing to See Here at Etcetra Theatre: Review for Everything Theatre

I reviewed Nothing to See Here at the Etcetra Theatre for Everything Theatre:

Penelope Faith’s Nothing to See Here opens with a series of vignettes around four characters whose stories become more tightly entwined as the show proceeds.

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My Imaginary Friends

Selamat idulfitri semuanyaa… Yang bilang saya telat ngucapinnya, tolong ingat kata pepatah: lebih baik terlambat dari pada daripada tidak sama sekali. Oke? Oke.

Imaginary friends. Ih, gaya ya pakai bahasa inggris. 334 more words


Sims 3: The doll is ALIVE!

I talked about the dolls two of my sim kids were gifted when they were born in my last post. These dolls are like best friends to those kids and after a couple of hectic days of learning new schedules (Lark, the youngest, started school) and a teenage mood-swing, both Leroy and Lark hadn’t had time to play with their dolls. 597 more words


Imaginary Friends

I’m a ghost junkie, I’ll admit it. Supernatural haunting, psychic medium shows, Buffy, there all on my list of love be’s. It doesn’t REALLY have anything to do with witchcraft, but then it kinda does. 566 more words