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The Silent Times - Short Story

Having always found myself to be something of a solitude seeker – finding pleasure with the absence of others’ thoughts and words and actions ricocheting off me in a hundred and one directions – I was slightly nonplussed by the sense of unease that currently lay, a blanket of fog in my gut. 639 more words

Short Stories

"Hanna Reitsch": Just Because.

To me the climax of 1965 movie “Operation Crossbow” movie is its recreation of the Fieseler Fi 103R Reichenberg -aka the piloted V1- testing. Certainly a bit too dramatic,but it’s a movie after all. 68 more words

Beginning: A Crawl Into Existence

This aspect on beginnings is also as questionable as the first one. Existence is a word that may imply reality, presence, or way of living. The beginning of something within the bounds of reality is vague because the boundary of reality and the imaginary is not yet drawn. 425 more words


Imagination Is Imaginary

Psst! Can you hear me? Lean on in.  I have a secret to share with you.

It’s not a secret, really, but something that has always fascinated me.   232 more words


Disillusion of disillusionment

If you’ve ever heard the idea of reality being what you make of it, you’ve likely also experienced feelings of helplessness to the ebb and flow of the universe. 114 more words

Beyond The Illusion

Liu Bolin, the man who is also known as “The Invisible Man.” He has one of the most creative minds in the world; his art work is impressive. 247 more words