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The Darkness of Beauty .... Gabriel's Fable

Why did you do it?

The blue eyes searched Gabriel’s brown, but he ignored the piercing gaze and instead focused on the strange voice coming from the strange man. 1,263 more words

Short Stories

In your light I learn how to love

In your beauty, how to make poems

You dance inside my chest where no one sees you…

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The Porcufish

That’s what you get when you crossbreed a porcupine with a fish.



‘Imaginary’ directed, edited (video and sound), produced and written by Natalia Figueroa.

‘Imaginary’ explores poverty and the child’s imagination. Poverty is all around us and if we all became active in trying to eliminate it from the world we could, yet poverty still exists and remains within the back of our mind. 39 more words

Natalia Figueroa

Imaginary Cityscape

From an outsiders point of view….
I’ll scan this and upload it properly but as i don’t have time right now a photo from my phone will have to suffice.