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Euler's Identity (Equation)

This video given Euler’s identity, reviews how to derive Euler’s formula using known power series, and then verifies Euler’s identity with Euler’s formula.

VI. Calculus Videos

10 Facts You'd Never Know About Me

I’ve decided that instead of lecturing you guys all the time, I’m going to throw in a couple short/fun/personal posts every once in a while so y’all don’t get tired of me and unsubscribe ;) 247 more words

Intuitive unreasoning

Is it really reasonable to act reasonably? What does being reasonable mean really? Adhering to reasons? Well aren’t reasons fluid… within reason?
It seems unreasonable to use reason as a strict guide when a logical approach fails by its own rules because it limits the ability to use the intuition or imagination when solving whatever it is… 288 more words

The Manifestation of the Monsters Under Your Bed

Halloween is that time of year when we indulge in our darkest fears yet simultaneously delectate in candies and costumes. At night, we lie in bed with the comfort of knowing that under every mask was nothing more than a kid looking for a scare, that every skeleton we encountered was plastic and that images of vampires and goblins were nothing more than an illusion. 963 more words

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