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Freestyle Friday: Imagination

Some people tell me that they do not have an imagination.

I say — bullshit!

We ALL have an imagination. Whether it be envisioning how you are going to re-decorate your office, or how you are going to kill off the villain in your novel, or how you are going to spend that $1million lotto jackpot (that you’ll probably never win). 352 more words



A WORLD (Genre: Psycho Satire)

Welcome to the world of my own,
Here you can find a billion of me.

As we all have a problem walking with our right legs,
203 more words

Alone Poem

The equivocal "they"

For the purpose of this piece, I’m coining the term “not-couple” mainly for my weak attempt at a pun but also for emphasis. You’ll see. So this couple, that is not a couple (not-couple, get it?), is sitting beside me desperately trying to let the other know within them lies the key to all their desires. 380 more words


Couple That NOT Couple ^_^



Gagh tau gimana awalnya, gagh tau juga gimana ceritanya, cuma gara2 fanfic…

sekarang tiap kali liat suho tanpa kris rasanya nyesek…

trima kasih buat… 59 more words


Junkers Ju 87D: Another Stuka's "flaw" during the Battle.

The “Battle of Britain” classic movie has some of coolest aircrafts -specially to me, those Buchones and Pedros- and also the best-orquestated inflight action scenes ever seen in an aviation related movie. 32 more words

Types of Numbers:

Types of Numbers:

Natural Numbers:
The set of numbers we count with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… etc. Another name for them in fact is the counting numbers. 327 more words