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Glen Orbik: Let's Go Orbit.

Gloriously retro-looking style drawing. Don’t know why, but it remains me George Pal’s “When Worlds Collide” 1951 movie. Better and shorter than “Interstellar”…that’s for damn sure.

“Atomic Avenue #1″
© 2014 Glen Orbik

Another Zine Snippet.

As previously mentioned, I talked about my personal zine project, titled corpuscular moon. The most important correlations to the title is the aspect of a series of 13 different pieces of experimental, almost immediate writing. 181 more words





महाराष्ट्र आणि गुजराथ च्या सीमेलगतचं एक छोटंस पण टूमदार असं गाव.

पारशी लोकांचे अत्यंत जुने वाडे आणि प्रार्थनास्थळ ह्याचं अगदी नक्षीदार अशी कलाकुसर केलेलं एक शिल्पच जणू!


Imaginary Pets

Daily Art 11

Some imaginary pets just have a hard time. Skinny jeans is a no-no.


Vought V-173 : Just choose your color.

Wars usually generate great technical developments,the horrible WW2 wasn’t sure an exception. In fact, technical advances during that war were exponentially huge; jet aircraft,nuclear power,.. all seemed posible in the inmediate future. 48 more words

My Imaginary Place

At what point in our lives, do we look around at our surroundings and the people we keep close to us and think, what the heck am I doing here with these people? 382 more words