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Who wants to be lonely?

Loneliness is an interesting feeling, we despise it as much as we long for it.

Photo by Cheri Lucas Rowlands 193 more words

Pieces Of Writing

Poet for this Week, August 26th, Dara Weir

Instances of Wasted Ingenuity

Falling off a triangle.
Putting two fighting fish in one bowl.
Talking yourself into a headcold.
Falling off a rectangle.
Putting insects in ice cubes. 560 more words



People often tell me I’m a very decisive person. My parents say that when I was a kid, I would carefully choose the toy I wanted to buy, and then that was… 335 more words


Contrast of Hue Edited With Photoshop - August 2014

Hey you, dear followers! :)

If you liked my collage, I made a kind of experience, and edited these artworks on Photoshop.

I was so proud after edition of my other collage that I decided to edit… 116 more words


A Walking Shadow

Photographer: Zaire Kacz
Model: Morgan Daye Payne

The raven wore her clouds of white
like a daisy wears an Alpine meadow,
a scorpion wears the Kalahari, 108 more words


Collage - Contrast of Hue - August 2014

I’m back with my graphic design homework! Indeed I am currently working on collages expressing seven types of contrast. This one is the contrast of hue. 307 more words


Elijah's Photography

Enjoy the eye of a teenager. My first thoughts are that he enjoys concentrating intently on his subject!