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Parenting Denoument

She lowers her gaze

Children scatter on the breeze

Garden’s empty nest


Horse and Train

Horse and Train

The painting shows a horse full gallop
Down the middle of tracks on which
Distant smoke trails an oncoming train
Separated only by our expectations. 167 more words


Writing Journal Entry, 17

“I think a writer should always be surprised; and the more I write, the more it seems that the language itself, when explored with humility, is always deeper and more accurate than what the author thought he had in mind.” 425 more words


Innocence Antigua

Last week I was in Antigua immersed in the beauty of the turquoise sea, abundance of fruits and exotic plants and warm hearted people.  So much innocence and wonder that creating was effortless and life flowed sweetly. 389 more words


Perfect nonsense

In a world filled with false compliments and hidden expectations; we should focus on complementing the souls, the hearts, the very actions we partake in, the choices me make, and the deeds we do. 31 more words


Weekend Inspiration--Nature Inspired Inventions

Fun and amazing inventions inspired by the humble gecko and other small creatures.  Nature is so amazing and always a great source of inspiration and information.   13 more words