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There’s something going on
It’s not fun anymore
Thought that it’s only in my imagination
But it kept happened on me
Lose my mind

I’m lost… 74 more words

Emosi Nyata

Writer's Brew

The lines of text that fill our world do not create themselves. They must be concocted from a myriad of ingredients. Words picked from the tree of language. 138 more words


O Oriens: A Fifth Advent Sonnet

The 21st of December brings us to the fifth ‘great ‘O’ antiphon which calls on Christ as the ‘Oriens’, the Morning Star, the Dayspring. This antiphon comes as an answer to the sense of darkness and captivity in the fourth antiphon, 440 more words


Season's greetings to all of you

Season’s greetings from Doha, Qatar to all of you

Thanks for following me during 2014, we will try to improve in 2015

Special thanks to Beatrix, Giuseppe, Jamie, Laura, Pier Giorgio, Sandra, Wendy e Wysam  for their particulalry active contributions


Four in the Cloud


salt air sways bunch grass
on drifted mounds where
mice browse trails on dunes
of shore domain they share
with fiddler crabs that wave… 265 more words


A perfect Christmas

I did not experience Christmas as a child. My family were Jehovah’s Witnesses (a Christian religion that does not celebrate holidays of Pagan origin). Of course we still heard the Christmas songs at stores, and seen the lights and decorations in our neighborhoods, so I wasn’t completely out of the loop. 352 more words

We Are Dead

This is a poem I knocked out in like 20 minutes trying to fall asleep. I feel it’s necessary to put a disclaimer here stating that this isn’t directed at anyone in particular, it’s just something my mind has been grappling with recently. 210 more words