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"Fake it Until You Make it": The Power of the Introvert.

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At this point of my life, I would consider myself an introvert.  Most introverts gain their energy/creative power alone or in solitude. 37 more words

"Fake It Until You Make It."

As you're surrounded, so are you

‘Bird of his feather and the man of his friends.’ That’s a phrase in my home country. It means, if you want to know someone look at the person’s best friends, because people spend the most of the free time with those, who are close to them. 596 more words


Fear and Violation

On Thursday evenings, I have started attending a strength-training class at the gym. This past Thursday was my second week in attendance. I felt great after the class, and was getting ready to head home. 1,645 more words

External View

In my mind I have the view of how the main planet will look but I lack the skill to draw it out for you. So I shall try to describe how it looks the best way I can. 135 more words


Whats in a Name?

As I think of what to call the world I am building I wonder, what is in a name? You see it is not easy to think of something that is grand as noting starts out that way. 112 more words


Art, Process and imagination...

Artologue will be on yet another long trip in next few months. The plans are in the process but in the meanwhile we want to share something else with you all. 394 more words

Travel-art Project

Imagination at Work

While I appreciate creativity in all forms, today I am totally frustrated by the creativity of GE. Yes, I am talking about General Electric, the maker of kitchen appliances, technology, etc. 433 more words