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Understanding the Religion of Solitude

Solitude, a state of being in closest vicinity with one’s own self. Though sounds similar but, there is a subtle difference between solitude and loneliness. While loneliness is something imposed on us by others, we choose to be in solitude. 359 more words


Stretch of mind

It is believed that art and reality should live quietly side by side, never interfering with each other.

Art creates vision of things that do not exist. 158 more words

Opinion Pieces

mixed feelings, mixed signals: "imagination"

The uniquely human ability to imagine possibilities and outcomes by algorithms of memory, past trials and errors, is to me one of the most perceptibly divine qualities we as homo-sapiens possess. 449 more words

Sisterhood Shindig - Day Four

Well aloha, all you healthy-eating, paperback-reading, well-rested beauties! I see that Mr Corby has been taking wonderful care of you.

It’s Bec again. Don’t mind my sweat patches – I’ve just come back from a beach yoga session (in fact, I think I saw you there – didn’t I nearly fall on you mid tree pose?). 553 more words


Writing Prompt #42

Last week sort of passed me by and I didn’t even realize I hadn’t posted a Writing Prompt until Friday.  My apologies to those who find them helpful or just interesting.   119 more words


A Prayer For Myself

Take a moment and stop.
Your two eyes look out
But they don’t agree on what they see, not exactly.
Who is seeing?

Now, take a step back, 92 more words