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Monsters by C. Miller

Last day of monsters has those ‘donated’ by C. Miller.  Check out her blog and her two books: REAVE and ELUDE!


This is a plant creature that has the ability to take the form of whatever flora it touches while in its seed phase.  313 more words


Day 2 - do something young (it's a day late but shit happens)

Yesterday I carved a pumpkin. Not an exceptional thing to do this time of year but it was fun. I think that if there was money in it, I would carve pumpkins all year and sell them, but to be honest, nobody wants to buy my fucking pumpkins. 378 more words


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She’s on the phone.
She’s calling home
She doesn’t know what to do.
She’s all alone… 386 more words

Halloween NaNo Inspiration- Stephen King



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Food for Fantasy

Hi, Gang!

Fantasy is an indispensable ingredient of utopian expectation. I’m not saying that discerning the boundary between fact and fantasy doesn’t matter; I’m not saying that every fantasy is potentially realizable, or worth realizing; I’m not saying anything about priorities. 656 more words


Sucking the Blood out of a Mosquito

I considered titling this post ‘On Surrealism’, but ‘Sucking the Blood out of a Mosquito’ sounded less stodgy, so I went with that.  Sorry if it grosses you out a little.  611 more words


Halloween Playlist

The tunes of terror you need to white knuckle it through All Hallow’s Eve! 15 more words