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Plight of the Kites

An adventurous kite
on warm wings of wind danced free
in the bright sunlight.

Focused on blue sky,
it paid little attention
to dark shadows nearby. 83 more words



Gua seperti hidup dalam dunia lain. Bukan dunia lain yang acara horor itu yah. Tapi dunia lain tuh maksud gua dunia khayalan gua. Gua sering ngebayangin masa depan gua. 544 more words

Daily Thoughts

Clouds, Television, and a Story

While watching an episode in a TV series, a particular scene grabbed me.

A mother has a quiet moment with her daughter. She tells her that if she looks up at the clouds long enough, they’ll turn in to shapes, and if she strings these shapes together they’ll make a story. 72 more words


The girl with pixies in her hair

She was a ghost of a child, trailing in her parents shadows. She saw faeries in the flowers and goblins in the trees. Her visions were waved off as nothing more than fabrications of the young mind, an overly active imagination. 197 more words


115 - Fitting in Vs. Imagination

On this episode, we talk about not fitting and why all the cool kids are doing it. Then there’s talk of imagination, as I present Quentin some of my new sketches (which I imagined all on my own). 46 more words


Ashen nimbus clouds smother and stifle their way through my spirit at times. Creativity takes a nose dive beginning around 9am, Monday through Friday. Easter comes and goes. 567 more words

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