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Wandering and Wondering

An early morning walk in the garden with a small companion led to a discovery.

The discovery of a tiny home. Imagination soared to giddy heights. 39 more words

Birth of the Goddess Linocut

In keeping with prints on the theme of birth, here’s a mythological scene I hand carved and hand printed in 1974. I did several prints at the time on imagined goddesses. 25 more words

Lily S. May

Synchrologistics: Application Technique Theory

Now that you have successfully induced useful psychic content it is time to work with it.  The possibilities are really quite broad, as everything about you as an individual will come into play with your content.  718 more words


Micro Musings

Given below are some micro musings that aim at putting forward the gist of a situation or emotion. Blend in your thoughts and add color to the scenario. 20 more words