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How A Broken Heart ...Can still Beat

By A. Patterson

It doesn’t have the same rhythm and now it barely beats…

 Thump ……………..Thump…but it beats…

Used,  abused, and pierced the blood slowly leaks, 166 more words



I’m definitely not in Texas anymore. And I like it (sorry, Mom).

In the two weeks that I’ve been a NYC resident, here are some of the things I’ve learned about City Life: 872 more words


For All Lonely Hearts....

A. Patterson

Lonely hearts are not quite broken but torn with mend-able pieces,

A pulse somewhat faint yet the muscle still beats…

When the emotions are distorted and it hurts to even be cordial… 131 more words


synchronicity - 2 sisters are pattern makers, i am sewing dresses for my 2 daughters who are, of course, 2 sisters


here are my patterns at home. one T shirt by connie crawford; one dress and jacket by marcy tilton, via my knitting designer friend who plans to knit the jacket and i plan to sew the dress with pockets (dress already sewn and worn at VGFA with sewing group by anne, who resembled a nursery rhyme character like little bo peep; 2 katherine tilton patterns with curvy lines and pockets. 9 more words


Delicate dancer

Delicate dancer
Her violet dress swaying
To songbird melodies


Blank Canvas,Creative Girl

Ciao my loves,

Inspiration can hit you anywhere and anytime. You just have to be aware of your surroundings. There so many things happening around you at any given time, take a look and get inspired. 290 more words


The Hidden Treasure....A Woman's Pocketbook

By: A. Patterson

As a child Big Mama always called it a pocketbook…I never knew its worth,

Until I got older and after heart breaks, thought to take a second look, 192 more words