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Interior Decorating According to Children

I don’t think my children understand what “interior decorating” means.

I love to daydream about rooms in my house that I will remake into works of art.  802 more words


The Adventure Game (Storytelling Through the Years)

I was always the kind of kid that lived more in her imagination than real life.

I have very distinct memories of the worlds that my childhood best friend and I would build together. 859 more words


Learn Different and Effective Ways to Deal with Stress

Something that can help with being less stressed and enjoying a good life is to evaluate stress according to how your body reacts to it. Many people talk about stress being a positive thing – like a driving a motor car. 521 more words

Deborah Borgen

Where Does Our Happiness Come From?

When you hear the words ‘a magical daily life’ what does that mean for you? For some it means discovering small things every day that make them feel fortunate, as well as coincidences that give a feeling of being in the right place at the right time, a combination that gives a feeling of something magical happening. 725 more words

Deborah Borgen

Seascape Aspirations

Adrift and bound toward the eastern shores, our aspirations shine among the northern stars and city lights. With steady winds and calm resolve, we soar through the sky and over the horizon. 74 more words


Samson -- Escape to India

This Samson is not inspired by the Bible or Milton’s Samson.

I didn’t mean to make his eyes so crazy. Hopefully they hold some wisdom. 367 more words


Chapter 9 - Avoiding Boredom

My brother is 17 years old. Stuck in the middle of summer with a part-time job and friends who are constantly working, he always relies on himself for entertainment. 915 more words

On Normal Life