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Daily Prompt: Being Charitable!

Daily Prompt: The internet has recently been swept up by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Is there a cause — social, political, cultural, or other — you passionately believe in? 151 more words

The Fringe Festival: Flyers, 'FOOLS!' and For Everyone

Last week I was told that I had earned holiday leave from my summer job, as I previously mentioned, as a librarian. This meant that I had last Thursday completely free to do with it what I wished. 1,572 more words

the one where Taylor Swift is my best friend.

I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, guys. HUGE.

I’m talking huge to the point where I have convinced myself that if she knew me, we would be best friends. 801 more words


We Are the Dreamers of the Dream

‘There is no place I know, like a world of pure imagination’ – Willie Wonka

Just a reminder…you have what you say, you get what you believe. 9 more words



there comes a time
when you grow
and words
mean little
without imagination

there comes a time
your imagination
and your dreams
start manifesting… 19 more words


Daily Prompt~ You are in the back yard...


The golden light that filters down from the green canopy above touches me. Through the shade that wraps my bare arms in a blanket of dull sunlight I can see the back yard. 325 more words

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