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The illustrious viktoryarch tagged me. I am touched by your gesture and continued support, encouragement. Thank you.

This tag was created to let people know about your book published or Work-In-Process or just have fun. 371 more words


Daily Prompt ~ Write about a daydream

I often sit and watch my children play and remember, the frequent days sitting on the field of my elementary school where I used to daydream every recess about my little cottage in the woods… 473 more words
My Daily Writing Prompts

A Cat Will Find Me

I was sitting on my patio one evening having a cigar. This little cat walked the sidewalk and turned towards me. She walked up and sat at my leg. 67 more words


Where Art Thou, O' Reason?

Have you ever read a poem by C.S. Lewis? They are sure wonderful. In his sixteen-line sonnet, “Reason,” we see an interesting dilemma of reason and imagination in the pre-converted Lewis.* The poem is a metaphor for the soul being a city of Athens torn between two goddesses; Athene, on the one hand who represents Reason, and Demeter on the other, who represents the Imagination.  685 more words


Into the Woods: Chapter 2 "Sneak Peak"

I added a chapter in the first book of Project Y yesterday. I finally was able to face-to-face talk to a dear friend of mine about my discontentment the last couple of weeks. 810 more words

Samantha Elyse

day on the beach balcony reviewing characters and writings from the past, and drawing

42 inches, circa 13 feet long, there it is, looking out on airport, river, strip of ocean and vancouver island mountains at times – the beach balcony studio. 101 more words