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What I believe:

Creativity + dreams = happiness = innovation to a better future

"What If" Moments


We say “I love you” so many ways. When we’re little, (with our arms stretched out wide) “I love you thiiiiis much.” Or “I love you to the moon and back.” True love has been the driving force behind every incredible love song. 280 more words

Imagine: Dungeon Creator™

Welcome back to Imagine! This week we are going to explore the possibility of Blizzard letting us take an existing dungeon and populate it with our own mobs! 178 more words


Pentecost 47

Pentecost 47
My Psalm 47

Where do we live?

Where do you live? I mean, really live? Where do we live – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? 846 more words


Every individual has such vast emotions. Sometimes, we just fail to express. 

I am no one to you. No one you know. And no one you care about. 636 more words


Bre ;P

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’

Albert Einstein



Red: the color of roses, the color of love. It was also the color of danger.  Caution and alert were  exclaimed by red.  I didn’t see the danger though. 580 more words