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for my playing cards i thought of using photoshop for my style but i changed my idea to sketching. I will use Andy Warhol as my inspiration. 16 more words


If You Create, Own It!

This is purely for the fun of sharing what I do in radio. I’m not only the morning host at KXLP & and the commercial production mgr for Radio Mankato (the parent company of the station I work at). 234 more words

HP Will Unveil New Computing Product Called Sprout Next Week

When Hewlett-Packard announced it would split in two — one company devoted to PCs and printing, the other to enterprise IT — CEO Meg Whitman said one area the PC side would explore is “new computing experiences.” 371 more words


using channels in photoshop

using channels, we were able to select all of the detailed areas of the picture, in this case feathers on the headdress, as well as the more solid parts of the picture. 22 more words


Character Cards

My characters are from the various adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock and Elementary). I’m trying to develop a grid for the number cards and I think the circular grid I used for the character cards would work nicely. 128 more words


masks in photoshop

today we used masks to remove and restore backgrounds of some objects onto other objects