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The Radiology Detective: Utilizing Clues Within High-Tech Imaging Exams to Solve Medical Mysteries

Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Since Roentgen discovered x-rays in 1896, radiologists have had access to extremely powerful tools used to peer into a patient. …
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Detecting Cancer Earlier is Goal of Rutgers-Developed Medical Imaging Technology

Rare earth nanocrystals and infrared light can reveal small cancerous tumors and cardiovascular lesions.

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Imaging Calcium in Neurons

Review by Konnerth, 2012  (Journal club 23/10/14).

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Calcium ions generate versatile intracellular signals that control key functions in all types of neurons. 134 more words


Week 13 - The role contrast agents play in the diagnosis, progression monitoring and research of Multiple Sclerosis.

The use of contrast agents within medical imaging is a broad topic so for this week’s blog I have decided to look at their use within the study of multiple-sclerosis (MS), this is a disease I have first-hand experience with in my family and is something I want to research more about. 1,262 more words



The Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2014 was awarded to the scientists who developed stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy, or STORM for short. But what does all of that even mean? 289 more words


Don’t miss these Document Capture sessions at Insight 2014!

Today’s Post:Feri Clayton, Director of IBM Document Imaging and Capture Solutions

We are getting very close to Insight starting next Monday, and it is time for building your agenda for the conference. 308 more words

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