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Morning Joe/Python PDF Part 3: Straight Optical Character Recognition

*Due to time constraints, I will be publishing large articles on the weekends with a daily small article for the time being.

Now, we start to delve into the PDF Images since the pdf text processing articles are quite popular. 676 more words


Where's the any key?

In a perfect world we’d all have WDS servers configured everywhere, just laying around ready to feed us .wim files at a moment or F12’s notice, but that’s not always the case. 176 more words

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

After two weeks in space, the most powerful commercial satellite ever launched is sending back pics

WordView-3, the super-powerful commercial satellite that launched two weeks ago, is now sending images back to Earth. The satellite is remarkable for its ability to collect images sharp down to a scale of 11.8 inches, which is enough for it to tell a tomato plant from a shrub and a sedan from an SUV. 217 more words

Why would Microsoft make such a simple thing so complicated?

Today I got an e-mail from a reader Blake, who was wondering why Microsoft would make imaging more complicated with MDT as opposed to the “simplicity” of basic disk cloning tools that were ubquitious over a decade ago. 536 more words

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit