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An imam in the German capital, Berlin, recently gave a sermon in which he expressed support for Gaza and called for “the annihilation of Jews”. 117 more words


Is having an Imam (Khaleefah) a condtion for jihad?

All praise and adoration is due to Allah, we praise Him, seek His assistance and His forgiveness. We then seek refuge with Allah from the evils of our souls and from the mischief of our deeds, thus, whomsoever Allah guides no one can mislead him and whomsoever He misleads no one can guide him. 7,791 more words

Fatāwah (Scholarly Verdicts)

A message from the Holy Qur’an for the oppressed and aggrieved Ummah

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

A message from the Holy Qur’an for the oppressed and aggrieved Ummah.

Written by:

Mirza Noorul Hasan


Please Momineen and brothers in Islam, recite the Ayaat quoted below and ponder over their meanings. 547 more words


Vad sysslar muslimerna här med?

Det är mer än en gång som man undrat vad islamister och muslimer sysslar med, men nu har den frågan fått en helt ny innebörd.Vad i helvete sysslar man med på denna film?



Validating the Shia Imamat - Part 2: The Qur'an on the Purified and Rightly-Guided Possessors of Knowledge

Validating the Shia Imamat – Part 2: The Qur’an on the Purified and Rightly-Guided Possessors of Knowledge

By Mohib Ebrahim

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US reticent on LGBT rights violations in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: The US State Department has declined to comment if the visiting Secretary of State discussed Saudi Arabia’s dismal anti-LGBT rights record during his meeting with the Saudi king late last month. 430 more words

Saudi Arabia