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The ultimate regret - and how to avoid it.

“You only miss something when it’s gone”

How much truth is there in this simple statement? We only appreciate what we have when it’s taken away from us, be it temporarily or permanently. 504 more words

Day Of Judgement

One God

If you view a belief in God as Odd, may it bring you closer to believe He is One.


The role model of love, faith and hope/ Teladan kasih, iman dan pengharapan

Day 20 The role model of love, faith and hope
LORD, thank YOU for my family. I am responsible to be a role model for them, in love, in teaching (faith) and in hope to YOU. 90 more words


Hamba Tuhan Tuh Apa...

Dialog Gabriel dengan Zakharia kemarin (klik di sini) berbeda dengan dialog dengan Maria hari ini. Isinya sih kurang lebih sama: kelahiran anak dari situasi mustahil si perempuan (yang satu mandul, yang satunya perawan). 260 more words

Daily Reflection

Small Acts to Strengthen our Level of Faith

Peace be to those who follow right guidance. Today lets sit down in our PJs along with a cup of Chai and learn how small acts that we consider insignificant can boost our Iman (Faith). 258 more words


Tong Kosong BerbuNyi NyiNyiR....

Dua bacaan hari ini sama-sama menyajikan kisah perempuan mandul yang ternyata, karena kehendak Allah sendiri, bisa mengandung dan akhirnya melahirkan anak, yaitu Simson dan Yohanes Pemandi. 223 more words

Daily Reflection

Seeds of Heaven

My father called me in the morning yesterday
With tears not held back but chosen to stay
Thanking God he could speak to his son today… 202 more words