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English students bring classic literature into the television era

Sometimes it’s fun to think how an old story might be different if it were to take place today. Mrs. Livingstone’s and Ms. Iman’s English 10 class did just that with William Golding’s classic novel  67 more words

In School

Orang yang Bersih Hatinya Menghindari Ketidakpastian

Sahabatku yang dirahmati Allah, bagaimanakah kabar hatimu? Semoga Allah senantiasa menganugerahkan hidayah dan kekuatan iman. Dan dengan hidayah dan keimanan itu aku dan kau mampu membersihkan hati. 413 more words


(D-4) We Believe (with a song attached)

*dengan suara penyiar radio*

Gampang sekali untuk tergesa-gesa berjalan dan bekerja dan melakukan semuanya. Gampang sekali untuk hilang arah dan tujuan, lupa akan maksud perjalanan yang sesungguhnya. 321 more words

Turtle Diaries


I was once being told to shut up by A when I asked B on the social network to check his/her imaan because B got angry by C’s comment on A’s improper hijab style. 259 more words


Desire A Good Past

When what is good desires to knock on past doors welcome the courage and faith that comes with it.


Just something I wrote within 10 minutes. Trying to get back into writing poetry.

I have hope this bitter struggle will be worth it, that there is a reward
This goal cannot be achieved of my own accord
I pray, with your guidance, your mercy and your blessings, you will forbid me from straying…
13 more words

Ode! Old?

Throw on a crop top and age gracefully….

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