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The 8 Sabbats

When I wrote about Wicca overall I briefly covered all 8 Wiccan Sabbats (holidays) and promised to talk more about them individually. I also want to mention that the holidays are deeply tied into the two main Deities of Wicca (The Goddess and God) which I will also expand upon. 671 more words


WPHC 2014 Week 10

WPHC 2014 Week 10 Check-in

Yay, the best loss ever this week of 1.3 kg! Woohoo! Yay me! :D BUT, if I’m going to meet my goal of losing 5 kgs from my starting weight at the Winter Solstice I have only 3 weeks left to lose another 5.6 kg …not sure that’s possible for me. 90 more words

Progress Reports

Imbolc- Brighid

Imbolc – Brighid
February 1

This turn of the Greater Wheel moves us towards a place of newness and the quickening of what was brought to light at Yule, the Winter Solstice. 1,868 more words

Year And A Day Course


Flower of new life

At the muddy Winter’s end

Pure as a snowdrop.

So pale and slender

A transitory beauty

Living a moment.

Little purse of snow… 9 more words


THE CYCLE (RE)TURNS - AUGUST/AQUARIUS FULL MOON HEADS UP by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

I’ve had a strange day today. I felt this sudden weakness and lethargy come over me. No amount of nutrition or self care could really explain this swift drop in energy levels. 487 more words


The season for awakenings...

Tis time for the beginnings of Spring!

Where we will be keeping our eyes to the skies as the migratory birds start returning. The flittering signs of new growth shall appear as our acceptance of Winter is giving way to urge on new growth and stretch new shoots of beautiful brilliant greens and new life for the coming of Spring…. 162 more words

Celebrating Candlemas, Singing the Lament

My friends in Victoria, particularly Ballarat, have been posting pictures of the snow fall there today. Here in Hobart it’s been a week of wind, rain, and thunderstorms, with snow on our Beloved Kunanyi. 1,128 more words

Mental Meandering