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How the IMF and World Bank Are controlling Tunisia?

Austerity policies have been exported to outside of Europe, and some countries are forced to set up austerity policies even if they do not benefit the country.  1,167 more words


Goodbye Karl

What do you say when your leader is gone? Karl Vollstedt was a friend, a counselor, a cheerleader, a confessor, a mentor and a father figure to a group of world-wise adults: in short, he was our leader. 278 more words



My last blog advocated that we must strike a blow forward into time.

WHY?   Because if we do not we are all going to end up as commodities. 1,474 more words


Argentina’s nubile president Cristina Kirchner says she ‘was born wearing makeup’ however, vanity is hardly Ms. Kirchner’s only sin.  The veracity of her finance minister’s reported GDP growth rate is questioned by everyone including the all important IMF.   185 more words

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PressTV: Dollar dying; multi-polar world in offing

Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:55PM GMT

By F. William Engdahl

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Washington’s decision to go for the military coup in Ukraine was intended to rupture the emerging cooperation between key Eurasian nations that ultimately would have isolated the power of US hegemony and opened the door for a genuine multi-polar world where peaceful cooperation replaced military threats and sole Superpower domination. 1,792 more words


10 Nigerian universities, others share $150 million World Bank fund

The 10 Nigerian universities will get (N11.2 billion).
The World Bank on Thursday approved $150 million (N24 billion) to finance 19 university-based Centers of Excellence in seven countries in West and Central Africa. 13 more words