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China Launches New World Bank Rival

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Chinese President Xi Jinping (C) shows the way to the guests of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on October 24, 2014 (AFP Photo / Takaki Yajima) 537 more words

Funny Money:

So what is going on with financial markets?  Extreme volatility, US dollar going up, asset values going down. Feds still manipulating the Bond Market, and EU Bankers about to try another dose of the same, by propping up a monetary system desperately in need of repair.  769 more words

Karl's not dead; he's just gone to bed.

That the revolution Marx predicted in The Communist Manifesto has thus far failed to materialise has been cause for many contemporary thinkers to dismiss his ideas wholesale. 2,080 more words

One last likely date to consider before Year's End..

In regards to any of the previous likely dates I’ve considered since looking into the whole IMF possible occult symbolism thing this year, none have so far been chosen as their date of action. 277 more words

State Of The World

There Are No Dead Ends Without A Way Out.

Lisbon, October 26 2013.

“There Are No Dead Ends Without A Way Out” demonstration. Thousands marched towards the Portuguese Parliament pursuing a different path from the “inevitabilty” of austerity imposed by the IMF/ECB/EC troika and the right wing portuguese government led by Passos Coelho. 24 more words


Evergreene Digest: The economic roots of the drive to war

The ongoing decline in global economic growth … means that the militarist drive will intensify in the coming period, creating the conditions for the eruption of another world war. 191 more words

Military Madness

An Ebola Prayer. Critical News, 19th October 2014

Sydney Casely-Hayford, sydney@bizghana.com

And true to prediction, the past week was crazier than the week before. Before we could even get to grips with all the unraveling from the Brazil 2014 Commission of enquiry, whether the players have revolted or just simply see no reason to break off their talented occupations to attend lame-duck sessions after the money has been divvied and chopped off their backs, the incompetent triple inventors of dumsor (VRA, GRIDCO and ECG) hit us with a new load shedding program. 1,251 more words

Sydney Casely-Hayford