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Massive iCloud Hack Involves Nudes of Jennifer Lawrence

The biggest nude photo leak of all time happened earlier today when a hacker took advantage of a weakness in Apple’s iCloud and released compromising photos of high profile women, most notably, … 188 more words


hooooopsie daizy - see you in september

every once in a while i like to take a break and reflect on why i’m so good looking….more often that not that falls conveniently when i’m “between jobs” and a “2L tub of ice cream” (that last one didn’t need quotation marks)… anywhoooo. 44 more words


DERP and the Upswing of Internet Scholarship

Pushing for the academic study of the Internet is something too few institutions and organizations have taken on. For a subject which has irreversibly changed the way we see and interact with the world around us, promoting scholarship surrounding Internet studies is a necessity that reaches farther than the academic community has thus far chosen to extend their grasp. 454 more words

August 25, 2014: leave a Facebook group I enjoy

Today was my first day back to work since my trip to crazy town last month. I had terrifying dreams last night, began my morning with an Ativan to calm me down and ended my workday with a glass of wine. 299 more words