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Grand Theft Corgi

We see really cute dogs in the street all the time, and the thought of doing what the lady in this gif we found on imgur… 35 more words


Puns are Fun for Everyone

I am a frequent visitor to imgur.com.  Some people pronounce it as “imager” others (like me) say “im-grr.”  Regardless of you pronounce it (although you should be saying im-grr because that’s the only legitimate pronunciation), it is a wonderful website where people can share images in real time.   93 more words

2015 Reading Challenge by PopSugar

Being a relatively antisocial person, most of the main source of my information comes to me through one of my favorite websites, Imgur. You may not know what that is, or you may be saying to yourself, “That’s kind of like… 271 more words


The Late Night Website

There’s a world on top of Our world.

We who teem sinuous in the deep
Gaze up through the grate
Past piss reek and misery… 459 more words


Fantasy Map Turns Michigan Into Mythological Land

By George Fox

Reddit user mbingcrosby makes maps of real places with fantastical liberties. His latest work involves the mitten state and its surrounding areas.  235 more words


A Happy New Year Indeed

While mindlessly surfing the interwebs this evening, I stumbled upon a great find, which I am pleased to share here on this site. Below is a link to an infographic, courtesy of Alex Klokus via… 77 more words

Science Talk