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Cats in Space!

The Cats in Space app is a part of the Earth as Art Space Apps Challenge. You can read more about what our plans were for the project at its start using the first link, but now that we’re drawing to a close we wanted to share what the completed project looks like! 769 more words


Pokémon style NBA logos

Imgur user musclesmicah has created some pretty cool looking Pokémon style NBA logos.  My favourite is the Kanto Embers logo.

Check out more: http://imgur.com/a/B2cYn/all


Wednesday Words from the ThinkInk Editors: Google Glass, Totes, Imgur, Misogyny, John Hegarty, Bollocks and More!

Like any week at ThinkInk, these past seven days have had us working around the clock securing media coverage and speaking engagements for our clients, writing thought leadership pieces and doing lots of research for our Industry Insights unit. 694 more words


'Heartbleed' Bug Is Messing Up Thousands of Servers

Hundreds of thousands of web and email servers worldwide have a software flaw that lets attackers steal the cryptographic keys used to secure online commerce and web connections, experts say.


How do you pronounce “Imgur”? Take the poll!

In a recent post on pseudotranslations, I wrote that Imgur, of imgur.com fame, was pronounced “imager”. But this skated over a lively and unresolved debate. 666 more words


Newly discovered Heartbleed vulnerability means most of the Internet is insecure

Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the OpenSSL software library that, according to Ars Technica, opens two-thirds of the Web to eavesdropping.

Dubbed the Heartbleed bug… 726 more words