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The Lesser-Known Social Media Sites

On the Wikipedia list of the most popular websites, here, there’s a common trend.  A lot of these websites are search or social media.  Advice on how to interact, leverage, and use social media is easily accessible nearly anywhere.   728 more words


Ever Wonder How Those Glasses Got on Your Face?

This photo essay is really cool.  It shows the eyeglass lens manufacturing process from beginning to end.  

PHOTO: Earth's Sky if Jupiter Were as far Away as the Moon

What would earth’s sky look like if Jupiter were a close as the moon?

While the question has probably never crossed your mind, the answer is visually stunning. 117 more words


DERP! Yup, that's the name of a new cross-platform research project

Imgur, Reddit, Twitch, Fark, and the Stack Exchange are teaming up to set standards for how research should be conducted on social sites across multiple platforms, the group announced today. 463 more words