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The Devil's Vacation

To All Advocates, Workers and Minions:

Effective immediately, due to your efficacious, tactical implementation of my astute and well-contrived strategies, I hereby announce a worldwide, month long vacation for all! 547 more words


Weird Al is a Thing Again... Sorta

Apparently Weird Al is back… Not sure how I feel about this. This week his royal weirdness has dropped a few new tracks.  Watch after the break and let me know your thoughts.


Not In My Back Yard

Definition from Wikipedia: NIMBY (an acronym for the phrase “Not In My Back Yard“), is a pejorative characterization of opposition by residents to a proposal for a new development because it is close to them, often with the connotation that such residents believe that the developments are needed in society but should be further away. 222 more words


What is the Real Ultimate Question?

This Heinz Tomato Ketchup photo is making the rounds on most social channels and is being touted as the perfect illustration of Customer Experience.  Smart CX professionals know better. 633 more words


just a thought

The other day someone responded to a comment I made and started it with “IMHO”. I looked up the acronym and it means In… 59 more words

Figures Of Speech

I’m incredibly tired of hearing these news stories about parents who left their children in the car. Most of these end with the death of the child and a parent who has no one to blame but themselves.

527 more words

Musings from The Reaction Gallery: Beauty is Bloody



Okay, here we go. I’ve had my eyes stapled open all of 10 minutes and already the question greets me, “Why don’t you write beautiful things instead of gore and disgustingness”  First, fuck you. 808 more words

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