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QUOTE (31-01-2015)

  1. The Bible is an inexhaustible fountain of all truth. Its existence is the greatest blessing which humanity ever experienced —- Immanuel Kant
Kodjo Peter Atteh

True to ourselves

Julian Assange

Questions similar to “is Julian Assange a hero or villain?” still pop up in online forums, such as Quora. Answers like “neither one nor the other, he is both” 261 more words


The Heart and Soul of Romanticism

In deep meditation we encounter our own non-existence, or at least we discover that we are not who, or what, we thought we were. We see that our experience is made up of a never-ending parade of passing experiences. 919 more words

A Personally Universal Beauty

“The true work of art is but a mere shadow of the divine perfection.”- Michelangelo

Millions of people for decades, even centuries, have traveled from all around the world to Rome, Italy to behold Michelangelo’s “pièce de résistance:” The Sistine Chapel.

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A Human Story

In Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu’s 1953 film “Tokyo Story,” a retired couple decides to depart their rustic home in southern Japan to visit their children in the bustling city of Tokyo. 351 more words


Does Reality Exist?

We Clearly know  that everything may seem observable as what senses ought to observe it thus the object to reality partly represents itself and making it judgable using our senses or simply A priori  as what Immanuel Kant stated to his book Critique Of Pure Reason At first we are only depending to our sense called Empirically And aspects to question our senses that we should not trust our senses and know it’s limitations why don’t we try to ask ourselves Do reality exist because of sense apart us? 144 more words

On Abstraction: a Kantian take on Abstract Expressionism and Impressionism, and the Possibility of Abstract Music

What I seek is a different understanding of avant-garde music that will in turn amount to new sonic presentations. Taking as inspiration post-war visual art driven by abstraction, I hope to apply my thoughts on the abstraction in their methods to music. 917 more words