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At last, an actual juxtaposition

It’s the moment for which we have all been waiting!  Without the aid of a safety net (ooh, aah), I will now introduce a real (and rather jarring) juxtaposition which just occurred to me. 896 more words

Small is Beautiful, but Big is Sublime

Kant, Le Corbusier, Koolhaas


Analytic of the Sublime

The beautiful in nature concerns the form of the object, which consists in limitation; the sublime, by contrast, is to be found in a formless object insofar as… 698 more words


Are Kant's philosophies large a response to Hume?

Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher that sought to reject the epistemology of Hume. He rejected Hume’s idea that people were irrational and thought it was essential that humans should be rational, so that they could be moral and free. 505 more words

One Step Bronte

Lessons from Western Philosophers- Kant, Mill and Durkhiem

Emile Durkheim, John Stuart Mill, and Immanuel Kant represent the thinkers of the modern age who, not only changed the fate of several social sciences but also, changed the human perception towards Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. 1,346 more words

Ethics Mains

Beginning the Study of Religion: Phenomenology

Phenomenology is the approach that is widely used by most schools within Britain. It is the study of phenomenology is focused on lived experience in which asks two questions: how is religion experienced in the moment and is an objective study of individual experiences possible. 221 more words

Beginning The Study Of Religion

White Racism!

Racism is at the foundation of Liberalism:

“The Negroes of Africa have by nature no feeling that rises about the trifling.  Mr. Hume challenges anyone to cite a single example in which a Negro has shown talents, and asserts that among the hundreds of thousands of black who are transported elsewhere from their countries, although many of them have even been set free, still not a single one was every found who presented anything great in art or science or any other praiseworthy quality, even though among the whites some continually rise aloft from the lowest rabble, and through superior gifts earn respect in the world.  286 more words


3 Considerations for the Ontological Argument

For those of us familiar with the ontological argument, we may also be familiar with Immanuel Kant’s “textbook critique” of the Anselmsian proof. To be clear, Kant’s criticism is two-fold: (1) A concept cannot be formed to guarantee its own instantiation (i.e., have an instance) in extra-mental reality. 1,053 more words

Philosophy Of Religion