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Morality in Question on CARP Extension

        In Immanuel Kant’s search for and establishment of the supreme principle of morality was born the deontological theory called duty ethics. From Kant’s view, the moral worth of a conduct is grounded on the motive that is behind the action. 723 more words


What is Art?

“That’s not art!” is a not uncommon reaction to Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. As we ponder the mounted urinal with letters scrawled across it, the question equally arises, “if it… 2,143 more words


Moral Luck - Choice and Chance

Welcome to my first review from a lecture I picked up this course from the teaching company called “Questions of Value”. This lecture although rather deep, is quite a fairly good start to my blog since it involves ethics, something family, carers and the community can become involved in from daily situations. 1,013 more words


The Ontological Arguments

Once and Future Traditionalist blogger and orthospherean Casey Ann, now on hiatus from her doughty online efforts so that she can concentrate on college, recently commented on a… 2,427 more words


Lacano-Sufi Meditation

Capitalism extends beyond the limits of our possible knowledge into the uncertain realm of the infinite, such as the uncertainty of the future, and mutual opacity across spatial distances. 1,346 more words

Kant on Enlightenment

Ha. Youtube gives me three random thumbnails to choose from whenever I make a new video. Sometimes they are okay, but sometimes I have to choose the lesser of three evils. 69 more words


Sex, part one: Lubricating the corpse

This post contains an unusual amount of honesty. If you suspect that this may be something you aren’t ready to read, I encourage you to read it, because it’s for you. 994 more words