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Realitas Ironis

Look at this world:

Beings, afflicted with thick ignorance,

are unreleased from delight in what has come to be.

All levels of becoming, anywhere, in any way, are inconstant, stressful, subject to change… … 605 more words


Lenin: The Theory of Knowledge of Empirio-Criticism and of Dialectical Materialism - Part Three

The question at issue is Marx’s second Thesis on Feuerbach and Plekhanov’s translation of the word Diesseitigkeit.

Here is the second Thesis:

“The question whether objective truth can be attributed to human thinking is not a question of theory, but is a practical question. 291 more words


Can Theology Go Through Kant?

After being reintroduced to Immanuel Kant’s thought after our last session on MacCulloch’s book, his philosophy intrigues me and I see the inherent and serious challenges Kant poses in reference to theistic epistemology. 702 more words


The return of radical empiricism

by Massimo Pigliucci

“All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.” So wrote Immanuel Kant in his Critique of Pure Reason, one of the most influential philosophy books of all time. 3,245 more words


Cruel and Unusual Part2

This article appeared in Ceylon Today on Wednesday August 13 2014.

An examination of  issues relating to capital punishment, continued from last week.

What Do the Philosophers Say? 1,215 more words

Ceylon Today

What can we know? What ought we do? What might we hope?

Hello everyone!

Before I begin- forgive me for the dense content of today’s post. For the most part, they will not usually be quite so packed with technical terminology. 1,072 more words

Leslie Lohman, the Frick Art Library, Art Guards at the Met + a taste of ArtCards.cc events lists

  I mentioned an opening at the Leslie Lohman gay art museum tonight. I spaced the fact that it’s an invitation only event sponsored by the board for potential donors. 495 more words