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Self Destruction

Too witty? Too funny?
Too forgiving of your wrongs?
I rap too good?
I like my coffee too strong?

Did the lack of rhinestones on my jeans… 39 more words



I think that most of the time, there is a grave lack of responsibility amongst us Indians. The scope and magnitude of responsibility varies greatly, depending upon the entity (or person) and it’s (or the person’s) role. 1,012 more words


Venice, Italy

Back to one of my favourite countries today, and into Venice!
The significance of the long nose mask is that doctors used to wear it thinking it would protect them from the plague. 265 more words

7 Signs Of The Emotional Man-Child

Ah, the Emotional Man-Child…a species of male that is seemingly on the rise. I see them among my friends, among my friends’ boyfriends—hell, I’ve even been in long-term relationships with them and have been spat out at the end of it like a washed-out emotional rag of a woman. 679 more words

Stingy Love

I wanna be in that love love…
Not the modern representation of what it should be
Not the type that pushes the envelope
Of trying to be special… 130 more words



The thing about age, is that, well, it is just a number.

Correct me if you think my opinion is wrong, but we make such a fuss about age and stuff, considering it’s a fact of life. 206 more words

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10 Differences Between Boys And Men

Boys will be boys, as they say. And that’s perfectly fine. But until a boy becomes a man, he has no business trying to be with a woman. 899 more words