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Facultative migrations.

Not a good week for Western values, eh? While I had to endure some minor pesky penetration scans (lab results: zero Criticals, 2 Highs, 3 Mediums, the rest just Best Practices), others were “less fortunate” even as the world declared itself shocked, shocked that anyone in Szymany or Constanta or… 391 more words



I told myself I won’t post anyhing about you, not anymore.

But words weren’t always meant to be kept, the feelings are. And as much as I want to keep my motor hole shut for the time being, I can’t really take the silence that’s been haunting me since I haven’t seen that perfect face. 607 more words


10. Understand The Difference Between Maturity and Immaturity

If you ask any of my closest friends, they would tell you that I am pretty mature for my age and well always have been. Sometimes I do think that I grew up too fast and now created this persona about myself that I have to be mature and switched on all the time. 458 more words


Just shut up already!

I read several articles on what people need to stop saying or putting in emails….

I am guilty of a few…

Here’s my current list for banishment: 498 more words

Nuts! Korean Flight Delayed by First-Class Spat - ABC News

A recent Korean Air flight was delayed when its chairman’s daughter, who was also vice president responsible for cabin service at the airline, ordered a senior crew member off the plane.

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Blogmas Day 8 | From School To University

So like a lot of people out there, I decided to go straight from school to university.

Now I would like to stress that I thought everything was going to be the same as school, however I can easily say that this was a BIG wake-up call. 176 more words

Legend of Childhood

Innocence of youth
Freedom and fun at our hands
No warning there was an end
Games tucked away
Money saved to survive
Watch your weight and words… 81 more words