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Are we patient with the immature?

Have you ever had to deal with a person that professes Christ, but they ignore God’s instructions? It is especially difficult and frustrating when the person is a spouse, a child, or good friend. 561 more words



I have a group of about ten very close friends. Once upon a time I would even call them best friends. However over the past few months I could feel change occurring, but not necessarily on their part. 436 more words


Update #7

I have actually written two unpublished Updates. Update #5 was a rather boring affair–I described all the “unusual” signs of spring that were experienced by a recluse who rarely leaves the house. 616 more words


Being okay vs pretending to being okay...

So I thought me and this girl Ursula*** were good and okay.  The last message that was sent out was “okay.”  So I thought we were okay even though I wasn’t okay with it.   489 more words

Let me run a train

When I was young, due to my sister I had to ferry from my semi-urban home to city in a train almost every month. I used to pretend tired and uninterested even though I loved them. 294 more words


M is for Maturity

Maturity is something that, as a society, we hold in high esteem. We have come to demand maturity in people as they age. 745 more words

Your immature levels have not yet reached sophistication.

-Talia Barnoy