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The long lasting legacy of being bullied....

I know that I’ve spoken about bullying before, probably about a year ago now.  But I’ve just watched a You Tube video (musicalbethan) talking about her bullying.   1,926 more words

I'm mature 18

I hope someone gets the pun.

Anyway, writing this post 1 week late because I was/am busy preparing for some serious exams here.

So I celebrated my birthday last friday and I had loads of fun throughout the whole day and also Saturday. 724 more words

Unsavory Characters: The Immature

It’s been a long time since I last posted anything, and I can say a lot of things as to why that is, but because excuses are pointless in a blog post as this, I’ll just get on to write this down. 705 more words


Halloween V.001


Ok Michael I want you to look over the ledge menacingly at Laurie as she lays helplessly at the foot of the stairs. 238 more words


Fire Challenge: It's HOT!

The newest not new trend of teens lighting themselves on fire, better known as the “Fire Challenge” has been heating up thanks to social media. 494 more words

Apparently, it’s the Coco de Mer.

There has been a lot of chatter amongst certain sections of the internet community regarding the age old playground argument of who’s better: Batman or Superman? 872 more words