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Too Much Of A Good Thing?

If you read Theatre Room regularly, you will know that I have written on a number of occasions about the ever-growing popularity of Immersive theatre, especially in Europe. 640 more words


The Man Who Climbed Out of His Clothes Surrounded by Naked Baby Dolls - Shunt

There’s an intriguing show on near the O2. Immersive theatre masters Shunt have built a palace of shipping containers for their latest theatre offering, The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face… 538 more words


Does good theatre need a story?

I went to see a production recently, which will remain nameless, that I was sorely disappointed by. Certainly a lot of effort had gone into the production and set and all the actors seemed competent enough, but my flat mate and I left feeling it was sort of contentless. 570 more words


A necessary evil

There is no getting away from it. We’ve already strayed into the realm of the pretentious by even using the word “Immersive”. But how else to describe this (still relatively) new genre of show that is often site-specific, often interactive and involves theatre, dance or visual art. 145 more words

Immersive Theatre

The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face

Having never seen a Shunt show before, I was excited at the prospect, and attended one of the earliest performances of The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face… 191 more words


Theatre Review: Overnight Macbeth by RIFT

If you have tickets to see this show, there will more than likely be spoilers in this post. If you haven’t got tickets, the show is completely sold out so you can read on and live through our experience… 1,720 more words

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Press Release - GRUFF THEATRE PRESENTS: Instructionally Invited

#Tweetingit: Press notice in 140 characters – My favourite – new immersive theatre!


Four misshapen beings huddle over a table.

They plan. Endlessly planning. 237 more words