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The American Dream, A Poison Pill

Thirteen immigrants from Cuba floated across the ocean in a makeshift fucking raft made from inner-tubes and shit.  The vessel broke apart and they swam for fucking shore.   26 more words


Elections Official: Noncitizens May Be Voting In Md.

FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A state elections official says it’s possible that some non-U.S. citizens are voting in Maryland.

Voter Registration Director Mary Cramer Wagner tells… 112 more words



I sat in the doctor’s office and flicked through the pages of the book that I brought along. The rising panic at being examined intimately and the annoyance of having to sit takes away the pleasure of uninterrupted reading. 1,006 more words


Brooklyn, In Memory Most Green

for my Brooklyn friends in diaspora, Throwback Thursday ~

The courageous immigrants of the elder generations cast the shards of their hopes and dreams across the landscape of this continent as prophecy. 474 more words

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No Child Left Behind in American Society

I am currently tutoring a 5th grade student, who is the elder daughter of my landlord.  This child will be referred as M in the rest of this post. 3,259 more words

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The Swedish dream: Hibernating in Gratitude.

I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus the other day when it occurred to me how uncomplicated life in Sweden is. No fuss, no quarrel and no stress. 385 more words

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A Better Life (2011)

Although “A Better Life” seems a little didactic at times, it also offers a certain warmth while remaining firmly grounded in sometimes harsh reality. Latino landscaper and illegal immigrant Carlos (Damien Bichir, who played alongside Diane Kruger in one of my favorite crime shows, “The Bridge”) only wants a ‘better life’ for his teenaged son Luis (José Julián,) but the kid gives his long-suffering dad nothing but lip and gets cozy with his gangster friends. 435 more words