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Welcoming the stranger: using Scripture to guide our immigration thinking

This blog is the third post in a three-part series on Migration and the Catholic Church.  The Conference acknowledges this is a controversial and multi-faceted topic. 716 more words

Faithful Citizenship

What does the Obama administration hope to accomplish?

It is widely believed that the Obama administration will extend deferred action to include a significant portion of the United States illegal alien population following Labor Day. 864 more words

Current Events

Are you eligible for endorsement as a Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) migrant?

In a previous post, we announced the availability of 200 visas for talented individuals in the tech sector to come to the UK, in a category known as Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) for tech. 763 more words


The Case of the Huddled Masses: United States v. Migrante

Your Honor. Members of the jury. My clients stand accused in this court of violating the territorial and legal integrity of the United States, undermining its economic stability and threatening its national security. 1,023 more words


Muslim goals . . .

Since I’m not feeling well, I’m doing another copy/paste from something that was posted in comments on Yahoo. – V

Islam is a fixed religion, which means that Muslims will not accept change of any form which contradicts Islam. 642 more words


The Answer is: Passport

Okay, before we Americans, herein referred to as idiots begin bombarding all social media with this stupidity, let’s just think about it for a moment. 29 more words


Muslims are coming from Mexico to murder you

Kent Brockman: Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it’s time for our viewers to crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside? 1,170 more words