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Getting Assistance from Canadian Immigration Services

With immigrants from every nook and corner of the world, Canada is known has become a land of multiculturalism. The Canadian government welcomes immigrants, irrespective of their race, language and religion. 308 more words


Islam Protects Predators, Not Children

Commenter Tina pointed me to a conservative, Christian site created by an Australian man–Bernard Gaynor. The site’s been added to my blogroll for your convenience. 42 more words

LASPO Impacts

The Commons Justice Committee is holding an enquiry into the impact of LASPO. It took oral evidence earlier this week on housing, immigration and family cases – you can read… 37 more words


City to stop honoring immigration detainers

By a wide margin, New York City lawmakers approved legislation barring the New York City Police Department and the Department of Corrections from honoring federal immigration detainers in most circumstances. 709 more words


Are You Ready For Some Foot...Er...Amnesty?

Get ready America! That sometimes wacky, often weird game show “Let’s Play Amnesty” is on the air! Join us tonight as 34 million current and future criminals who’ve snuck into America seeking the great American dream will get their chance for the freedom that’s been alluding them for so long while they’ve lived under the radar. 575 more words

Barack Obama

The Fightin' Side O' Me (Merle Haggard Video)

One youtube commenter had this to say:

This song was made for all of us who were born here unlike the assholes that are sucking us dry here in the Good Ole USA that always refer to their country instead of being an American.

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Watch! White House Fence Jumper Kicks Secret Service Dog, But Is Quickly Subdued

The first dog runs away after being kicked. Even dogs don’t think enough of Obama to take a beating for him.

The second dog was made of sterner stuff. 226 more words