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Immigration Reform: Revenge or a Pay Raise?

President Obama’s executive order to legalize the status of millions of undocumented immigrants has provoked an explosive backlash from conservatives.  Many upper income liberals wrongly assume that this conservative rage is mostly racial hostility toward Hispanics.  612 more words

Immigration Reform

EXECUTIVE REFORMS: Advance Parole- One Memo to Rule Them All

Another positive change to the immigration laws announced last night is the Secretary of Homeland Security’s instruction that DHS counsel should prepare a legal memorandum forthcoming that departures pursuant to advance parole will not trigger the three and ten year bars.  272 more words

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The Right-Wing (nuts) Immigration Freakout

Goold old WND, ( aka “wingnut news daily) is having the expected freakout party over Obama’s announcement to shield from deportation, for 3 years, some 4million immigrants who have children that are US citizens. 190 more words


Tyrant - "A Cruel and Oppressive Ruler*"

I wish that if the right is going to engage in their insane notion that what Obama is doing is somehow radically different than his Republican and Democrat predecessors, that he is somehow violating the US Constitution, that he has not given Congress a chance to deal with our broken immigration system, they would at least pick up a dictionary or thesaurus and pick a word that fits. 56 more words

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EXECUTIVE REFORMS: Expanded DACA Eligibility

Another significant development coming out of the Presidential reforms announced yesterday is the expansion of DACA beyond its original parameters established in 2012.  For descriptions of the original DACA requirements, please see… 197 more words

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EXECUTIVE REFORMS: Deferred Action for the Parents of U.S. Citizens and Residents

As Joe Biden once said, this is a “big f’in’ deal.”

The centerpiece of the President’s immigration reforms announced yesterday is the expansion of deferred action to cover certain foreign national parents of United States citizens. 260 more words

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EXECUTIVE ACTION: The New Enforcement Priorities Memo

As part of the executive actions reforms announced by the administration yesterday, the administration has redefined the enforcement priorities for Immigration & Customs Enforcement.  Briefly, any law enforcement agency with limited resources can not realistically enforce the law against everyone who may have broken it.  337 more words

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