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Demographic Pressure: Help from Immigration

As described in my previous column “Working Harder for Longer,” the country has domestic remedies available to mitigate the ill effects of its aging demographics. By making accommodations for older workers and especially working moms, it can offset almost half the financial and economic burden imposed by the developing overhang of dependent retirees and associated relative shortage of working-age people. 549 more words

"Barack Obama, Set Free": He Isn't Going To Let These Last Two Years Go To Waste

Here’s a little blast from the recent past, a meeting of the minds between Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume in October 2013:

O’Reilly asked Hume, “Is he just not interested? 602 more words


"The 'Obama Refuses To Lead' Crowd Falls Silent": It’s Striking To Realize What The President Has Done Just Since The Midterms

Kevin Drum pauses today to take stock of the recent actions from President Lame Duck.

So how have things been going for our bored, exhausted, and disengaged president? 513 more words


"Who’s Afraid Of Ted Cruz And Ken Cuccinelli?": No Republican Is Conservative Enough To Avoid A Primary

Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) plan to fight President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration reform during the debate over the $1.1 trillion “cromnibus” spending bill didn’t go very well. 506 more words


The Very Definition of "Scandal"


The Obama administration overturned a ban preventing a wealthy, politically connected Ecuadorean woman from entering the United States after her family gave tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic campaigns, according to finance records and government officials.

276 more words

"To Hell With The Independents": Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign Plan Is Terrible

Almost immediately after Senator Ted Cruz arrived in Washington in 2012, it became clear that he intended to run for president in 2016. Now, with primary season rapidly approaching, the details of how a Cruz campaign might look are coming into sharper focus. 814 more words


Obama's Executive Order On Immigration Overturned

Well, you KNEW it had to happen. I frankly didn’t expect it to happen this soon, but a federal judge in Pennsylvania has issued an opinion that Obama’s executive order (which really isn’t an executive order in the first place) was illegal and over-stepped his authority as the president. 595 more words