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Anti-Blackness in Immigration - On Policy

Immigration “reform” is no stranger to Anti-blackness. The purpose of this article (and ones in the immediate future) is to refine a position that does not get as much play as it ought to – the motif of anti-blackness as it applies to immigration policy discussions. 857 more words


Possible Administrative Immigration Relief

Without a doubt, the hottest topic on our firm’s discussion forum (www.immigration-information.com) has been the subject of possible immigration relief through administrative action. Originally, the President promised to enact such relief “before the end of summer.” Then, for political reasons, he backed off and now says that he will announce it “before the holidays are over.” 319 more words

Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

Keeping it Fresh: Immigration Reform

In the United States, immigration reform is widely used to describe proposals to increase legal immigration while decreasing illegal immigration. … 195 more words

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Francophone immigration no more?

Less than two weeks ago Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander met with stakeholders and community leaders in Winnipeg to discuss how the government can increase Francophone immigration to Canada. 87 more words

Immigration Reform

Only a handful of DREAMers expected to benefit from new Army enlistment policy

This week’s announcement that young undocumented immigrants can now enlist in the military may benefit only a handful of DREAMers.

Margaret Stock, a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. 464 more words

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DREAMers dreaming of being all they can be in the military? Not so fast.

Military To Draw Down Numbers In Army...Yet Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Serve?

You have to forgive me. When I see inconsistencies, be it in government, in business, or in life, I go a little crazy. So, it’s with that thought in mind that you’ve been warned. 723 more words