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A Tragic Tale of (Im)Migration

This NYT article about a twelve year old  (im)migrant’s journey that ended in a supposed suicide left me saddened.

This is the comment I wrote on the… 232 more words

So, where was I? And where am I now?

I was away on vacation for a few weeks, back home in Turkey, visiting, hugging and talking to friends and family, remembering what it feels like to be loved… 376 more words


Divide To Conqueror: Democrat 101

Make’m Mad Before You Make’m think

My sadness is that we are probably today more race and difference-conscious than we were in the 1960s when I went to school. 223 more words


The Souls on the Other Side

I often stroll our shores lost in thought, as are many of you. Too lost to be present to the the waves crashing, the gulls screaming, the primordial scent of life in the briny air. 794 more words

American Life

Chinese Museum Melbourne

As a member of the invading peoples since 1788 the story of the arrivals and their background and experience always stirs something in my heart. The pain we have inflicted and continue to inflict on the indigenous people should continue to unsettle us. 422 more words


Immigration: DREAM comes true

By Diana Gener | Managing Editor

Students who were brought illegally in the U.S. when they were children, usually called Dreamers, will be able to get financial aid from the state to pursue higher education. 619 more words


Finding Common Ground on Immigration Reform

Blog post by Caitlin Connolly, Emily Laser, and Elena Weissmann, MPP 2014, in participation with Prof. Converse’s Negotiations Class.

Current Situation: Gridlock, Stalemate, and Priorities… 1,725 more words