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“Truth Telling: Art in Search of Social Justice” – Nave Gallery, Boston, MA

Since I believe that a lot of writing takes place in the mind, before a finger is laid to a key or a pen to paper, I am going to expand my definition of my daily commitment to writing to include observing visual texts and discourses in my environment that contribute to the ethos of AOTH, which is to explore our social environment and understand its parity with, or breaks from, democracy and the humanity we hope to live with. 400 more words


Why is bilingual education ‘good’ for rich kids but ‘bad’ for poor, immigrant students? - The Washington Post

To put it bluntly, bilingualism is often seen as “good” when it’s rich English speakers adding a language as a hobby or another international language, but “bad when it involves poor, minority, or indigenous groups adding English to their first language, even when the same two languages are involved.Here is a piece about the value of bilingualism for all students. 36 more words


4 **** Book Review: Covering, The Hidden Assault On Our Human Rights

“Covering, The Assault on Our Civil Rights” is a compact and meticulously researched book by Kenji Yoshino, a gay Japanese law professor. It is both a memoir about the demons Yoshino wrestled before coming out and a report, with legal overtones, on what life is like for all stripes of gay people in America.  215 more words

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31 Days of Hallowe'en, Day 25: The Skull (1965)

I’m now wishing I’d added more classic horror to the list. Even beyond horror, that era has a style of filmmaking so far removed from the ones I grew up with and enjoyed today. 556 more words


Switzerland. Immigration. Science funds. Forgetting.

Starting today, scientists in Switzerland will again be able to apply for some research funds from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program—including coveted grants from the European Research Council (ERC). 35 more words

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Art is alive in Pilsen

Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood is alive with art.  Murals are everywhere; sophisticated and well-designed murals, political murals, naively-drawn murals, misspelled murals, and entire houses covered with murals.  95 more words


Year 10 A View from the Bridge homework - due Monday 3 November

Research immigration to the United States in the first half of the twentieth century. Present your findings in writing on A4 lined paper or on a Word document. 25 more words

Year 10