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Misguided Democrats & Illegal Immigrants

There are two factors that make giving citizenship to illegal immigrants a bad idea, and neither factor is considered by Democrats; and the question is: Why would Democrats do this? 853 more words

Special Education

Chapter 10

Walker had never carried urns in his luggage before.  4,312 more words

Detective Fiction

Re-Imagining the "American" Identity

Immigration Who is an immigrant? Do immigrants have power? Which do, and which do not? Frogtown – home of Minnesotan immigrants

Alright, I’m guilty. I’ve been caught red-handed. 1,242 more words

Little Lithuania

The  Hanover Historical Society recently received a series of gifts from the Nawazelski family of Hanover: three canning jars, three Lithuanian bibles, and two family trees. 635 more words


Some thoughts on the immigration problem plaguing the United States.

So to understand the current immigration crisis I feel like we have to understand several independent events that are occurring simultaneously.

The first is economic and has to do with the inherent destabilizing nature of capitalism.   792 more words

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George Jonas: The problem with accepting refugees

The news is mixed this week. The Queen still rules Scotland, but Islam has Christendom on the run …

“Whoa, hold on a minute. This is your computer gremlin. 896 more words

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FSWP- The Best Way to Immigration to Canada

To work in Canada lawfully, you are required to obtain a work permit first. And, the most favored working visa type is Federal Skilled Worker Program… 346 more words