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British Islamic State Jihadists outnumber British Muslim military members

… there are approximately 600 British Muslim service members in its armed forces of almost 200,000 people. Official government estimates put the number of British Islamic State fighters operating in Syria and Iraq at up to 800.

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Day 260...

…and we’re STILL packing!

Tonight the box count drew equal with the amount of days we’ve waited for the visa.  It’s kind of like a reverse Advent calendar; as we get nearer to the big day we put the goodies inside then close the numbered boxes. 27 more words


New Immigration Ordinance for Boston

The City Council of Boston passed new immigration ordinance on Wednesday. The council approved a new measure limiting the number of permissible immigration holds. Moving forward the Boston police will no longer hold immigrants for deportation, unless a criminal warrant has been issued for the person’s arrest. 141 more words


The Great Immigration Debate

There was a high expectation of a heated immigration debate for the heavily diverse area of Denver. However it seems that the topic of immigration took a back seat in the fierce House race. 123 more words


Rocking horse becomes Trojan horse for cocaine smuggler

Rocking horse becomes Trojan horse for cocaine smuggler

Kudos to this CBP officer for catching this guy!  Give that man a raise!  The smuggler was getting paid TWO DOLLARS to smuggle over $370,000 worth of cocaine into the U.S… 166 more words

Un bon policier est un policier mort

Il y a quelques jours je circulais à bord d’un bus régional. Après avoir passé une semaine à la montagne, j’effectuais mon retour à la civilisation barbarie. 471 more words