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New citizens: Why doesn't PM, PAP condemn this behaviour, close NS loophole?

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has urged new citizens to engage in the community where they live and take part in community activities. Speaking at a citizenship ceremony at the Ang Mo Kio and Sengkang West constituencies on Saturday (Aug 30), Mr Lee said he hopes the new citizens will actively integrate into society and discover more about Singapore. 1,228 more words

Political Governance

Obama Plugs 'Immigration Rights' In Labor Day Address

Delivering a fiery address marking Labor Day in Milwaukee Monday, President Barack Obama for the first time indicated his support for the rights of immigrants in the U.S. 260 more words

It Is Determined By Race

A colleague of mine a few years ago said, “Black people are criminalized and white people are psychiatrized.” It is true. The amount of times people of colour have been treated more harshly for committing similar or lesser crimes, or in some cases no crime at all, then white individuals is disgusting, oppressive and embarrassing to us all. 13 more words

Mental Health

Threat Level: Pointless

“Man the terror alert for London has just been upped I don’t wanna go out now :(”, the text from my friend read. The recent news that Britain’s government has raised its terrorism alert level to “severe” unsurprisingly prompted a renewed climate of fear, reflected on social media and in major news outlets. 365 more words

“My friends gave me some good news …”

22–23 March 2013

V: How have you been doing Luis Armando?

LA: I’ve resigned from the job where I was working!!!

V: So where are you now then? 128 more words


Feds encouraging deported illegals to come back to the US

We are just finding out that the DHS is expected to allow thousands of illegal immigrant deportees to return to the U.S., so long as they have ties to Southern California. 498 more words