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News You Really Need To See: "Offer Israeli Arabs Money to Move to Palestinian State: Lieberman"

“Offer Israeli Arabs Money to Move to Palestinian State: Lieberman”

Reuters, November 28, 2014


“Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman proposed on Friday that Arab citizens of Israel be offered financial incentives to leave the country and relocate to a future Palestinian state.   217 more words


Too Little, Too Late For Britain, EU?

So David Cameron must somehow believe that there is at least some minor problem with immigration in Europe.

I personally agree – it’s called Islam and it’s now growing massively thanks to the decades-long carelessness of multiculturalism, and where it failed by sword at the gates of Vienna, Islam is already accomplishing by massive birth rates, welfare siphoning and cultural force. 538 more words


Bad Comparison: Ideal vs. Existing

The contrast here is between two comparisons:

  1. The US vs. an ideal US that progressives would like to exist, which won’t have any racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.  
  2. 140 more words
Bad Comparison

Dover Immigration Removal Center. Day 2

8 AM. Somebody swiftly unlocked the door. Another one shouting from downstairs, telling people that breakfast is ready. My stomach was complaining by rumbling because I’ve missed two meals the day before. 560 more words


David Cameron's proposals to discourage immigration to U.K. could lead to showdown with EU

LONDON — With his eye on a general election five months away, Prime Minister David Cameron Friday sketched out proposals to make Britain less attractive to immigrants that, he acknowledged, would “require tough negotiations with European Union partners and changes to” union treaties. 631 more words


The Republicans and the Tea Party think that the Democratic party is about to become extinct. Nothing could be further from the truth. We, as Democrats must work to prevent that from happening. 499 more words