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MAJOR Stock Market Crash is IMMINENT!

2014 crash will be worse than 1987′s Marc Faber says Part-time Britain: Record numbers now have jobs but most finding employment work for less than 25 hours Tech Sector Leads Broad Market Selloff Nasdaq Declines Sharply as Biotech, Smaller-Tech Stocks Fall Top economists warn Germany that EMU crisis as dangerous as ever… 83 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Words that cause confusion: eminent/imminent

Eminent, immanent, and imminent are all adjectives. (The noun forms are eminence, immanence, and imminence). Immanent means “inherent” and is often used in philosophical discussions about the nature of a Creator and whether Divinity permeates (dwells within) or transcends (is separate from) that which is created. 151 more words

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Seismologist: We're Trying to 'Prevent the End of Los Angeles'

Source: NBC News, by Miguel Almaguer, April 4, 2014

 A fault line discovered in the 90s is rattling nerves in Southern California, where millions have been living on shaky ground. 189 more words


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Two Ahwazi Arabs, Ali Chebieshat and Syed Khalad Mousawi are facing imminent execution

As a result of Iran’s continues violation of human rights in Al-Ahwaz,two political Ahwazi Arabs at risk of imminent execution.In 18 March 2014, Fajer’s Prison officials in Deziful city informed families during visiting time that security services transferred prisoners to unknown place. 29 more words

Human Rights

If I die...

If I overdose on Robitussin, know that it wasn’t intentional. I accidentally took DM, but meant to took PM so just took them back-to-back, because fuck it, I’m an independent woman…but now I’m freaking out because naturally I’m a lunatic. 27 more words

Earthquake Swarms may Indicate Imminent Volcanic Eruption

Earthquake swarms, seismic events marked by sequences of many earthquakes in a short period of time, may signal imminent volcanic eruptions because they are triggered by blocked lava flow, according to a new study, and scientists suggest these types of earthquakes can be used to give the public warning of an impending eruption. 11 more words

Cracks are A Sign of an Imminent Collapse

So when you see a crack on your house, do you fault the builder, the foundation, or the house itself? I know some others will blame the environment on which the house has been built. 132 more words

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