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Pain of Glass

morbid bones
dressed with
ossified cartilage
work to create
crystal skeletons
ringing with
durable pain
sharp tortures
of tuning forks
resonant screams
piercing torsos of… 57 more words


Health: Dependence or Independence?*


Dependence is certainly not what a toddler wants after learning to walk, or a teen after getting a driver’s license. They don’t seek to return to dependence on that which they have outgrown. 434 more words


Farewell to Anger?

 Is your ‘fuse’ too short? You may accept anger as a part of your life, but do you recognize that it serves no utilitarian purpose? Perhaps you’ve justified your short-fuse behavior by saying things like ‘it’s only human’, or ‘if I don’t express it, then I’ll store it up and have an ulcer’. 458 more words