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I don't care

Photo credit: http://photopaulm.com
I loved this picture so much I had to use it twice.

He said:

I don’t care
If you can’t
Walk properly… 44 more words


It was too late

Sometimes at night, I wonder, how people manage to move on, after finding themselves into a difficult situation, the loss of a precious one, someone you care and love to suddenly be taken away, forever.

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Pain blinds me to the world,
Knots my intentions into unworkable masses of distraction,
Seizes my abilities and renders them inert.
Hurt brings my worldview down to a haze… 46 more words


serious immobilities

” it would be advisable to prepare oneself beforehand, in the deepest silence, by serious immobilities”….from the score of Erik Satie’s ” Vexations”, written in 1893, performed first by a collection of musicians in 1963. 454 more words


A prisoner trapped to a bed
Tied and bound, alone, echoing inside a shell
A self-build prison. A self-build shell.
Intrinsic echoes heard by the prisoner alone… 77 more words