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Spend a Day in a Wheelchair - Jeffrey Preston

Spend a Day in a Wheelchair – Jeffrey Preston.

Interesting take on the issue of widespread disrespect for people who we consider dis-abled. The author rejects the pity response to disability he says is encouraged by ‘spend a day in a wheelchair’ initiatives. 336 more words


The Immorality of Inaction and the Challenge of Immobility

Hi everyone,

Have you read this? Climate Scientists Spell Out Stark Danger And Immorality Of Inaction In New Leaked Report.

Global warming and the resulting climate change is freaking frightening – significantly scary – and much more…. 605 more words

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The Day I Almost Died…and Probably Did a Little, Actually

I was going into my 4th month of pregnancy with my 4th child. An omen? Possibly. We were in the midst of a record-breaking heat spell in August 2007, and due to an ankle injury, I had been on bed rest for about a week. 1,186 more words

A lesson in humility

I’m not usually big on humility.  I figure life gives us plenty of opportunities to feel humble without actually cultivating that quality of mind.  I’ve often been humbled in the past when confronted by situations out of my control, when all I could do was stand by helplessly and observe the unfolding of sometimes very unpleasant events.   827 more words

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