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Once upon a time

Once upon a time
The snow
Et sa sœur la neige

And the wind et son ami le vent
Were used to saying
There were like separated children… 130 more words



Miracles as ethereal as the vibrant morning light, souls never go alone.


I'll dream again tonight

Je rêverai ce soir encore, 
Rêverai-je toujours?

Three lucid dreams
My birth, my life, my death

And I will fall into the chasm
And I will get caught up… 30 more words


Un bouquet d'immortelles

Everlasting flowers un bouquet d’immortelles
The singing blackbird outside does not need
For the flow of Time makes its song immortal


An Other in the Self

A Response to F407, “One need not be a Chamber – to be Haunted –” by Emily Dickinson

            Emily Dickinson’s poem F407, “One need not be a Chamber – to be Haunted –” explores a person whose soul is simultaneously independent from and united with its body. 2,350 more words


the immortality of awareness

to those who doubt their own immortality, know this: to be aware at any moment, requires that you are aware for all eternity. to die at night, requires that you wake in the morning. 71 more words


You Wake Up On A Table

You wake up on a table. The last thing you remember is struggling to breathe in your own bed at the age of 92. A man appears with a clipboard and tells you that this is the year 3042, that you died a thousand years ago and your memories, personality, brain structure, and subconscious were put on a file and saved until a day where they could be adequately hosted by a working vessel. 1,139 more words