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Creating Better Health Through Understanding and Enhancing Our Immune System   9/18/14   7:45-9 pm

Spend an entertaining evening with Dr. Kucine as he sheds light on some of the intricacies of our immune system. 42 more words

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Summer Cold Blues

I guess there really is such thing as a “Summer Cold.” Whether summer or winter, it sucks!

Summer colds are actually a different virus than winter colds, and are exasperated by walking in and out of air- conditioning. 211 more words

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Asian Medicine Wisdom for Late Summer

Even if you don’t fully experience the dramatic environmental changes of the Seasons, everyone knows them: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Did you know in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is a celebrated fifth season?! 902 more words




Generic Name: efalizumab (EF a LIZ oo mab)

Brand Names: Raptiva

What is Raptiva?

Raptiva (efalizumab) is a man-made form of a protein similar to human antibodies. 1,522 more words

Side Effects

8 Drinks to Boosts Your Immune System

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your body from illnesses is to consume foods and drinks that contain substances that have immune system boosting qualities. 519 more words


Juicing Dandelion Greens Can Help Heal The Body

Although major chemical companies, like Monsanto, would have us believe that weeds are merely an annoyance – they can actually be quite effective at helping to heal the body – in juice form. 36 more words


Get That Cold Gone In 12 Hours

Colds can eventually turn into more serious conditions like sinusitis, chest infections or ear infections. A healthy lifestyle, while being the best defense against the virus, is not enough when you already have the bug. 1,416 more words

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