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Super-Immunity for Kids

Simple Ways to Boost a Child’s Long-Term Health

We’d love it if our kids had fewer sick days away from school, but what if by bolstering their immune systems now, we could also protect them from serious diseases going forward? 74 more words

Healthy Kids

Moderate drinking may reduce risk of rheumatoid arthritis

12 JULY 2012

3 drinks per week can halve the risk of developing the condition

Research: Long term alcohol intake and risk of rheumatoid arthritis in women: a population based cohort study… 510 more words

Missed - Medical Breakthroughs

Swimming, benefits from getting into the water.

Summer is almost over, let’s enjoy what we can in the last 12 days of our 2014 summer. Here are some benefits out of swimming. Listen, overweight, lethargic, bad skin, thin hair. 423 more words

Optimizing Digestion for Health and Gains

Let’s face it: Digestion is hardly a sexy subject. Every time you walk into a gym locker room, you will definitely come across a bunch of dudes engaged in conversation: 1,233 more words


Aspirin - More Effects on Inflammation

Aspirin, Take Two 


White blood cell research shows how causing and conquering inflammation are inextricably linked 

Hugely popular non-steroidal anti-inflammation drugs like aspirin, naproxen (marketed as Aleve) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) all work by inhibiting or killing an enzyme called cyclooxygenase – a key catalyst in production of hormone-like lipid compounds called prostaglandins that are linked to a variety of ailments, from headaches and arthritis to menstrual cramps and wound sepsis. 296 more words


Cure 3 - Chaga

This was something I had no knowledge of whatsoever.  My sister was speaking with her neighbor one day and mentioned my husband’s cancer.  The neighbor happens to have a daughter that just recently attended and graduated as a doctor of homeopathy.  222 more words

Study: Women Entering Pregnancy In Poor Health Less Likely To Breastfeed

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – More women in the United States are choosing to breastfeed their kids. But new research from the University of Minnesota is shedding some light on the overall health of pregnant women. 455 more words