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Daily Tips : Cuddle Often

Don’t hesitate to cuddle your spouse often. You can do this simply while watching TV, cooking, returning from hard day work. Six amazing benefits of cuddling: 33 more words


Fighting the flu: boosting the immune system in the elderly

It’s late November. It’s starting to get pretty chilly; you’re debating whether it’s OK to put the heating on yet; and then you start to get just a hint of a sore throat. 484 more words


Crippled Immune System... Why?

This is compiled from months of research, and literally dozens of books  And I have tried to explain it to the best of my ability! (By Lori Word Harrison.) 938 more words


Everything You Need To Know About Chiropractors

Everyone feels achy every now and again. Just about everyone has experienced a headache or pulled muscle. Many people are stubborn about not wanting to take medication and this is where a chiropractor excels. 825 more words

Pain Management

Happiness Cycle Day 13: Intralipids

I’ve got two hours to kill while hooked up to an IV bag of intralipids, so I thought I’d type up a post with my left hand. 472 more words


Attack of the RhinoWarriors: How Our Immune System Fights

Cast of players for this little science story:

King Imsy: Immune System

Sir Macrowain: Macrophage Cell

Sir Lantrophils: Neutrophil Cell

Sir Denahad: Dendritic Cell

 Attack of the RhinoWarriors… 750 more words


Hand-Dryers Spread Bacteria (doh!)

A new study from the Journal of Hospital Infection showed that hand dryers in public restrooms may actually spread more germs.  Germ counts in the air after using high powered hand dryers  were… 265 more words

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