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Photo of the week: vaccines work

Are you up to date?

From 24 to 30 April, World Immunisation Week 2014 urges everyone to ask this question for themselves and their children. Immunisation protects against the suffering caused by vaccine-preventable diseases and saves 2–3 million lives each year. 101 more words


parts per billion?

In research from 2010, Austin et al. published that the vaccine Infanrix hexa has a mercury concentration of 9.7-10 ppb (parts per billion or million… 174 more words


No mercury*

In 2009 the NCIRS published (in this fact sheet) that the paediatric formulation of Hep B vaccine made by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) contained trace amounts of mercury. 496 more words


Measles on the rise as immunisation falls

In the history of medicine few discoveries have had the impact that vaccination has had. For the sheer number of lives saved, vaccination ranks with clean water: Unicef estimates it saves nine million lives a year. 132 more words


Why I didn't vaccinate my children

Why I didn’t vaccinate my children…To vaccinate or not to vaccinate: that is the question…
Whether to follow what we’ve been told for years or whether to question and spend time  researching in order to arrive  at conclusions that enable you to make the correct choices… 910 more words

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg set to block `conscientious objection’ excuse for vaccination refusers

The Courier Mail Sarah Vogler Laura Chalmers 9 April 2014

PARENTS would find it more difficult to become “conscientious objectors’’ to vaccination, under a proposal to health ministers by Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg.

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