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Book Club: "On Immunity: An Inoculation" by Eula Biss

Eula Biss masterfully walks the delicate balance between skepticism and the truths behind vaccine safety in her book “On Immunity: An Inoculation”. As a primarily non-fiction reader, I was pleasantly surprised by the readability of Biss’s book. 594 more words

The Ugly Truth Behind Your Vaccinations

So you’ve just received mail in your letter box, you open it up and its a reminder that your annual vaccinations are due, flu season fast approaching and all, you don’t think twice about it’s repercussions… but just before you ring your doctor and book an appointment… 418 more words


5 HealthyU Habits for a Healthier You

There’s no way around it; college students are one of the highest risk populations to get sick year in and year out. And with their relentless schedules and hectic lifestyles they are also the population with the most to lose when they do go out of commission due to illness. 529 more words

Top 6 myths about planning a short-term missions trip

Group travel to the mission field comes with many nuances and complications many people are unaware of. In the 14 years we have coordinated trips, here are a few misunderstandings we often come across: 514 more words


What is Scarier Than Ebola - INFLUENZA

During the 2013-2014 flu season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 46 percent of Americans received vaccinations against influenza, even though it kills about 3,000 people in this country in a good year, nearly 50,000 in a bad one. 10 more words

Child Safety

The Importance Of Child Vaccination Against The Whooping Cough

By Charles Duke – info resourced from http://www.mumslounge.com.au/lifestyle/health/2743-whooping-cough-vaccine-and-cocooning-to-improve-baby-immunisation.html

Whooping cough can be transmitted easily by an infected person to another by sneezing or coughing. When the infected person sneezes or coughs without covering his or her mouth, airborne droplets can be transferred to people around. 217 more words

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Doctors Contribute to Communities.

Doctors contribute their time and expertise to communities. In WVA one is a volunteer firefighter. Another serves in the reserves. Many work for public health preventing diseases. 25 more words