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Do Something, Anything

Things change and friends leave. Life does not stop for anybody.

-Steven Chbosky

The above quote haunted me ever since I finished “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”; it would come to my mind at the oddest of moments, but eventually the haunting assuaged and I carried on with my daily routines.

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Case Solution for Progressive Education Network (PEN): Creating Social Impact in Pakistan

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Progressive Education Network (PEN): Creating Social Impact in Pakistan

Authors :           Arif Butt, Shezeen Hemani… 171 more words



What if we all lived knowing that our clocks were ticking away?

We do now, kind of. But what if we all could see how much time each of us had left?

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30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 26: Doctors

Day 26:
Today I’m grateful for Doctors. I awoke early today not feeling quite right. Last night I also had not been feeling well. Then the intense and sharp shooting pains in my sides kept coming. 188 more words


Letter To F,Part Two.

Hey F,

As I stare at the skylight hoping to catch a shooting star,I was thinking of you. I was thinking of the bridge,the hotel lobby,the long walks we used to take in the evenings. 843 more words


These Fonts Made a Big Impact on World History

Typography is instrumental to many forms of communication in daily life, being used in modern advertisements and designs that we encounter every day. Typographers have practiced their craft for centuries, relaying different concepts and feelings through the intricacies of our species’ form of c…

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