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Gadget Show Live 2012: G-Form hi-tech impact protection 4 humans & gadgets

Great demo of an amazing new material which reacts to physical impacts and changes its molecular structure. [Caution: features some severe mini-choc sweet ab…

How I see the world...

To continue with the introspection theme, I wanted to share a little insight on how I view the world around me.  I am a unique mix of analytical and creative; I enjoy the technical side of life, but thrive on the creative.   92 more words


#BrandsAndCertified » What's Your Gain?!

Ask This Question » What Do You Stand To Gain?!

More often than not, a pertinent question floats freely through the minds of creators or producers – depending on the context – when an idea is conceived, and developed afterwards. 197 more words

Touching lives one soul at a time

It is always a privilege to pass on the little knowledge that you have to others who will benefit from it. That’s what I did yesterday. 505 more words

Real Talk

Academic research collaboration and networks: an infographic based on what researchers told us.

In September this year, Piirus surveyed researchers worldwide, from
across multiple disciplines. 346 researchers responded, and two key findings were:

  • 79% of researchers said that collaboration makes them more productive…
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I outlined in a previous blog post the work we have carried out over the last several months to improve the WiFi service on Campus. We’ve been carefully monitoring the service since the start of semester, and over the first few weeks it performed well and we were seeing it handle a much higher load of users successfully when compared to the same period last year. 221 more words

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10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods For Greater Social Impact

In 2011, Eric Ries published The Lean Startup, which challenges startup and business founders to build and run their companies in a new way – maximizing customer value and revenue while minimizing wasted effort. 121 more words