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Hey Doogan! U Wanna Piece Of This?

Kermit The Fearless Frenchie wants to play with Doogan The Labradoodle. Whether Doogan wants to or not, isn’t part of the equation.

From Ben N. 15 more words

The Spawn of Havoc-Shroud Dreams

My mind is rendered
A bundle of frayed wires
A series of dead ends
Ensnared, turbulent and useless

The blood rages
Propelled, by havoc-shroud dreams… 33 more words


Denver The Guilty Dog...Strikes Again!

Denver The Guilty Dog is 100% totally busted here. And of course, this isn’t the first time she’s been nailed, either.

Here’s the 2011 video that made her a star.


♬ "Na Na Na Na Na Na, My Fiona" ♬

Who else but C.O. could smoosh together a Kitteh, a Christmas Tree photo, and “The Knack?”

“This is Fiona in the middle of our Christmas Tree…. 29 more words

SOME Of Us Out There....

…aren’t QUITE enjoying the holiday season like the rest of us!



*NOTE:  This is my (Nathan Lilly’s) opinion and does in no way, shape, or form represent the ideas or views of Unto The Beast*

“Ahhh… good memories with this album.   1,655 more words

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A Little Privacy If You Don't MIND

You’d THINK they’d at least go to some place private to clean up. Wait- they’re CATS.

Never mind.

(Sad & Useless.)