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Mmmmmm, Yogurt!

Bob and Dice have not heard the phrase “Share and share alike.” (And if they had, they’d ignore it. They’re cats, right?)

From Concord Paul & Barb, who really need to step up their game. 7 more words

Caturday Night On Fox: When Cats Prowl!

(Say like amped-up Fox announcer:)

“We’ve brought you every show we can think of and added an exclamation point. Now! Comes! When Cats Prowl! Our hidden cameras see what they’re really doing when we’re NOT there. 48 more words

Subway Systems and Sunburns

Every once in a while he got the feeling again. The one where his heart was trembling so deeply he felt as if it might all be lost, it could all be another shove away into the darkness like a wave pushing off the shore and he just really didn’t know about how secure he was. 853 more words


This Is Called "Pushing Your Luck"

Either this kitteh is the most patient soul on the planet, or the bird’s got some photos of him he doesn’t want to see on the cover of the National Cattler.

This Caturday Spot Will Do Very Nicely

Farina The Cat thinks Maeby the Siberian Husky will make the perfect bed. And if Maeby the Siberian Husky has a problem with that, that’s gonna be too bad. 9 more words

In The Entire History Of Bad Ideas...

…this one is right up there. As Dogshaming.com says, “Ant hills do not make good pee targets.”

They Didn't Think I Knew The Email Password

["Let's see, what do we have here. Hmmmmm...CNN news alert..WebMD...Cute Overload daily email, ooo i love those..what else...hmmm...daily weather forecast..and this, what is..."Honey, a reminder, please buy dog food today before we… 24 more words