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Emma, Utah, You, and Me

Pirates! One of your faithful librarian got laid off last Thursday, so you will probably be hearing more from me, as I try to fill the hours and days of my funemployment with something other than trying to get hired somewhere that will let me poke around in their old books & papers. 1,075 more words


Cats: Furry Work Preventers

Do you work in an office? Ever wonder what it’s like to “WFH?” (Work from home.) Cole & Marmalade will be happy to show you what it’s like. 38 more words

Caturday: Watching Cute-VC Again, Pazuzu?

“I grabbed my keys out of my purse, left it on the couch, then came back…to find this! No WONDER I keep getting all those ‘Suzanne Somers collection’ catnip mice in the mail! 33 more words

Who's Up For A Trip to The Vet?

Cats and Dogs don’t like going to The Vet
Even if it’s just for a brief stay
But later when you both get back home…

12 more words

With Great Technological Powers...What of Responsibility?

Who amongst us has not entertained a fantasy of possessing powers beyond those held by most mere mortals? The ability to fly, to be able to heal quickly, to be able to move objects with your mind, to possess magnificent strength or speed without having to workout excessively, heat vision, invisibility, command of the elements…and the list of potential powers could easily go on. 2,273 more words