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Guys, Either You Give Me Some ROOM Here...

[...or YOU are gonna be the DESSERT!]

From Susan M.

Sunshine and Showers

Welcome to another Caribbean Summer. The weather is a little too Ding Dong the Witch is Dead for me. Every time it rains I am convinced it will never stop. 53 more words


Don't Think You're Skating On THIS One, Buddy

(Pro Tip for in the future, FWIW: if you knock over a flower pot/plant, don’t hunker down right next to it. Better yet, ask The Cat to sit there in your place.) 6 more words

The Mistake Was Lettin' Him Back IN @ :48

This kitteh and sausage dog are battling it out to see WHO is King Of The Castle.


Kelly S. Says: "Lily Has Many Moods."

Are we sure about that?

She adds, “These pictures are the most common mood…LEAVE ME ALONE, I know I’m Cute.”