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Impending doom

Waiting for your narcissistic boyfriend to get back from overseas should require a normal expenditure of anxiety but when you don’t know when or in what capacity he is coming back you find yourself seeping out anxiety like it’s starting a stream. 392 more words

Steep Incline

Alena stood over the cliff, her eyes on the horizon. The vast expanse of sky seemed so painfully blue, that it hurt to look at. It was snowing, the first day of snowfall that year. 914 more words

Not all Apples are Biodegradable

Buried within the excited announcement of a new model of a popular device is the dirge for the generation of devices that have just been made obsolete. 2,060 more words


Even I'd Get Out Of My Way Today

Chubs The Kitteh is a BIT on the Grumpy Side today, and he’s rockin’ Rule #97. Remember, People: Rule Of Cuteness #97: Head To Body Ratio: If your head is exponentially larger than the rest of your entire body, that’s cute. Reddit.

Headline THIS! "It's Cold Out, Put On A Puppy"

(*Update! Sorry folks, little late today with the update- busy working on 24 HOURS OF ‘TOCKS! And we do need your best ‘Tocks! Our headline winner today is Meg M.! 48 more words