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Oh, U Want To Get On THIS Couch?

(My cat, Oreo, knows his gigantic paws intimidate our other two cats. When our other cat came into the living room this morning, he moved from his curled up position on the coach to… 37 more words

All Systems "Go" For Caturday Night Pouncing

First, the verrrry gradual creeping into place…then STANDBY MODE where the target is acquired; launch is in mere moments!

“Hi Cute Overload! My foster kitteh Newt has the cutest Nose for Nosevember,” says Camille from France.

Eight Signs Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You

Kitteh owners- they may be sweet and cuddly–but this is stuff u NEED TO KNOW.


November 21st

Sometimes I just want to know what it’s like to press the big red button. Like, what’s the worst that can happen? The thrill of adrenaline? 18 more words


The summoning Dark

The Dark, in the dark. Like a star in chains.
struggling to break free, withering in pain.
Fantasizing about a mind, sustenance! albeit all in vain. 435 more words


Someone's Gonna Pay

[Just a question of who, and when. Getting all this snow is bad enough- but then they dress me up like a FREAK and toss me out here, baby-talking all the while. 25 more words