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The Constness Problem

These days, I spend most of my programming time working on the Higgs JavaScript JIT compiler for my thesis, and most of the code I write is in… 817 more words


Imperative vs Declarative

I was watching an AngularJS video, and it said AngularJS had two sides – Imperative and Declarative programming. I looked it up and here it is… 72 more words

Programmers Tools

말고 – don’t do this… do this, not A but B
말다 – to not do  don’t intend to do + 고 – and

우유 말고 커피 주세요 – milk no, give me coffee… 126 more words

verb ~(으)라고 verb – quoted imperative 

조용히 하라고 말해 주세요 = Please tell them/him/her to be quiet.
걱정하지 말라고 했어요 = (sub) told (ob) not to worry… 23 more words

A couple little problems

I borrowed a co-worker’s book which has some technical interview problems in it and started working on those.  The first few are fairly simple a straightforward so I thought I’d lump them into one post. 847 more words


Giving an order in French without using the imperative (#826)

Two blog posts in one day? Why not! I had a few extra minutes, so let’s take a quick look at a random comment made by a father to his young boy in Montréal. 188 more words

Québécois French