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Indicatives and Imperatives

What is Your Identity?

Several weeks ago, David Lomas, author of The Truest Thing About You,* spoke to our church about our identity in Christ. 500 more words


Neo-Liberal Horoscopes

You’re an individual acting rationally in your own self-interest in the marketplace, and today you will really reap the rewards of this. 567 more words


Thank you, Pam Corkery!

So, Pam Corkery had a go at Brooke Sabin. And didn’t we all find it amusing? Course we did. It was amusing.

But it was also something else: it was the words that a lot of us have been thinking. 515 more words


Media, Dirty Politics and you

I just finished reading Dirty Politics. What can you say?

Oh dear.

Regardless of the outcome of this situation, I personally feel somewhat relieved and grateful that Nicky Hagar has uncovered the answers to a few questions, even if while doing so he has shone a light on a lot more questions. 1,048 more words


L'impératif en turc : une courte leçon !

L’impératif en turc


L’impératif est omniprésent dans de nombreuses chansons turques. Cette chanson très classique en témoigne. Il est donc intéressant de savoir le repérer et le construire pour pouvoir mieux comprendre certaines paroles. 493 more words


K&R Challenge 3 and 4: Fiddling With Formatting Strings

Today I’ll be doing things a bit differently. Since exercise 3 and 4 are quite trivial, and because the Haskell implementation will differ significantly from the C solution, I’m going to break them up into separate posts. 720 more words