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Declarative vs. imperative mismatch

Notes from Jenkov.com : http://tutorials.jenkov.com/angularjs/critique.html about AngularJS Declarative vs Imperative. Couldn’t say this better…the art is to find right balance. Neither XAML , nor AngularJS found it yet (too declarative): 333 more words

Get up, get on up

¡Buenos días! Well, last night I learned about the imperative in Spanish. This is the form of the verb used in orders and instructions, for example, sit down, get up, wake me up before you go-go. 243 more words


Uses of the Imperative

The first and most obvious use of the imperative is precisely to give commands such as have been indicated above. When you see a road sign saying “Cédez le passage” it means Yield or Give Way (or else!). 1,478 more words

French Language

Read this - it's imperative!

The imperative is another of those rather forbidding grammatical terms which turn out to be really simple, not just as a concept but also in actual usage. 1,569 more words

French Language

Friday, 16th January 2015

Search me, v.

Pronunciation: /sɜːtʃ miː/
Etymology: < search v. + me pron.

1. Used (chiefly imp. in response to a question) to imply that the speaker has no knowledge of some fact or no idea what course to take. 28 more words


Just don't

Harried, hounded, hen-pecked – yes, and any other animal references I can enlist to express how badgered (bullied?) I’m feeling.

Having discovered imperative verbs, and explored their effects in several poems in our latest class, I now understand why I feel so brow-beaten when faced with the popular press. 397 more words