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The Story of My Imperfect Life

It’s an old cliché. Every one has a story. And it’s because of those stories that we are inspired to tell so many more. The story of my life is about two things: who I look to for approval and the lanes I choose to follow. 2,209 more words

Creative Thoughts

You Need to Know Something

You are (BE)AUTIFUL! Every bit of you is Delectably Divine. Every curve, mole, wrinkle, dimple, scar, flab, hair, hue, and bone…. perfectly imperfect. Your spirit has boundless potential that spans further than the eye can see or the mind dares to imagine. 129 more words


Could Someone

Is it really possible for someone to love you wholly and ardently? Could someone appreciate the scars beneath your knees and and your effort to taper off the slightly cracked skin on your feet? 271 more words


Deadbeat Parents!

Well… the title is quite self explanatory, but to them it probably isn’t.

YES! I have deadbeat parents, not one, but both :) (if you can pick up on the sarcasm then you’re AWESOME) 774 more words




I woke up like this
I woke up…like

For I am not perfect in any means
I’m flawed, I’m damaged, I’m broken goods nobody wants. 196 more words



1. Shrek!

2. Steig, W. (1990). Shrek! New York: Farrer, Straus, Giroux.

3. An ugly ogre who leaves home and finds a witch that tells him he is going to find and marry a princess. 76 more words

William Steig

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfect hair, check. Perfect outfit, check. Perfect family, check. Perfect partner, check. Perfect life, check?  Every day of our lives, we are always bombarded with notions of perfection.

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Wonder Woman