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Real Beauty — Going Natural

“I am going off makeup for a while…this girl is going all natural!” my Facebook friend posted.

For those who don’t know what going natural means (for those guys who might read my blog (haha)), going natural to me means going without makeup—completely. 1,308 more words


The universe

I still can’t believe that the universe would grant me such a perfect soul like you. It’s either i refuse to dig deep into your imperfections, or the universe isn’t that much of a horrible place after all.


Concealer: What Are You Covering Up?

Hi again Beauties!

Recap on Make Me Up Monday 

I hope you enjoyed some laughs and makeup looks on yesterday’s blog post, “The Creative Chameleon!”  I know you’re just dying to tell me your thoughts and comments on our FIRST Make Me Up Monday together, what did you think (copy and paste URL below to like or add a comment to yesterday’s blog http://thebeautycoachx3.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/make-me-up-the-creative-chameleon/ )?!   1,172 more words


An Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living. ~Socrates~

Today’s Message:

An unexamined life is not worth living. ~Socrates~

To judge others is self-insecurity. When one examines their own life they will find flaws, mistakes and negative traits. 56 more words


The 4 C's Part II.....


Clarity is the lens with which a woman sees her sense of purpose and vision for her future. While a diamonds’ cut may be  its’ source of light, clarity describes the imperfections that prevent  light from passing through the diamond. 209 more words

From the Lips of the Oppressed 1.0: Imperfections Make Me Human

I never said I was perfect. In fact, I think I pretty much made it clear to everyone I’ve ever encountered that I was the exact opposite. 110 more words

Little imperfections

-Day-to-day life makes me stronger, it shows me that living is collecting and gathering all people’s little imperfections; all those imperfections that appear when I criticize someone without reason or matter, all those imperfections that I forget about myself when I become proud of my beauty, all those imperfections that I forget when I say I am simply perfect in my way. 21 more words