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Photoshop Fail or Guerrilla Art?

It’s possible we’re viewing these poor Photoshopped thigh gaps the wrong way. After Target’s incident in March, now Macy’s is under fire for what’s perceived to be… 321 more words

Day 258


The bad experiences don’t help break bad habits, bad habits that are brought on by the blackness, bad habits that the blackness uses to turn beautiful imperfections into cancerous, soul-eating flaws.   659 more words


I returned from a ten-day trip to Northern Italy exhausted and exhilarated; exhausted because of the long journey, and exhilarated by sites I had only seen in travel brochures or read about in history books. 308 more words


Ideal word!

A perfect somebody is one who has their own imperfections and is dealing with them rather beautifully.
I am impressed with that skinny, 6 ft, dusky, curly haired somebody. 61 more words


29/7/14 - Duality Girl

She was one of those, you know, pitiful wanderers, where pulling a name, revealing her face, or gaining her gaze, was naught but a fruitless endeavor. 455 more words

Confidence and Self-esteem

I feel like there are so many people in this world with low self-esteem and not enough confidence, that’s not how it should be. I feel that people ought to love themselves and be happy with who each and everyone of us are, society seems to disagree. 155 more words


Sometimes I Wish I Didn't Have Such Chubby Legs....

Do you ever have those days when you’re getting ready, and nothing is going right for you, which leads to your own frustration and your feelings of not being beautiful? 218 more words