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Wait patiently.

Think thoroughly.

Time is going nowhere and neither are you.

Nothing is being wasted unless you believe it to be.

It’s all in the head. 248 more words

Imperfections Project: The Hair Salon

fuji x100

Continuing my self-portrait project “Imperfections” where I show the sides of myself that most people don’t typically put out there. Yep, I dye my hair and look like a tin foil hot mess while it’s happening. 41 more words



You know the unpleasant looking stretchmarks on your hips or the moles in weird places, or how your forehead is too big, or even that your cheeks are too chubby- all those things… 66 more words

Imperfections make you perfect

I was never happy with myself. Some days, it would be my hair. For as long as I remember, I’ve always wanted straight hair. As I grew up and became an adolescent, I realized that curls, if properly managed, were “in” too. 469 more words


Perfection is overrated.

I was inspired over the weekend.  It wasn’t anything huge or triumphant that these people did, they were simply honest and real.

I don’t know about you, but I have grown weary of the people who always try and act like their life is perfect.   140 more words


Embrace Imperfections

Embrace life’s imperfections. Things don’t always turn out exactly how we envisioned them in our heads, but even if they did, how boring would that be? 11 more words


Keeping Up With Danny: Equality

Ok, this has really been bugging me, and I feel like I should tell you guys. I was wondering why do we say “black lives matter” and “gay lives matter”? 101 more words