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Take Hold

I knew from the moment that I saw her, I had to take a chance. 

She was different, she was special, she was magical. 

I love everything about her. 31 more words


Beauty and the Beast

Ok so…I’m totally crushing on this guy right. He’s funny, a gentleman and kind. He has the most amazing smile. His eyes sparkle all the time but when he smiles it’s like 10 times brighter. 646 more words

He's Still Working On Me

I’m a mess. No, really. I am. 

I’m clumsy, and extremely emotional. I cry way too much. I shut people out, refuse to admit my feelings, and hate being vulnerable with people. 521 more words


Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Nowadays I think being yourself is hard for people to do because there are so many different distractions that often lead us astray from our real selves. 982 more words


Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. ”


I don’t know about you, but my list of life screw ups is long and filled with more ‘what were you thinking’ moments than I care to recall. 403 more words

Talks of Vanity

Tongue-tied: How do you feel about make-up?

Candlelight: Make-up is made for people who know exactly how they want the light to touch their face. I find it kinda annoying when people say ” It is pretentious, it does not show who you really are.” I mean yeah, it is a cover-up but it only hides away scars and the contours of our face we do not like so much. 249 more words