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Ukrainian Crisis: The Reason Why Putin Calling Eastern Ukraine "Novorossiya" Is Worrisome

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To most, hearing the term “Novorossiya” would elicit a “What?” But in the crisis currently occurring, it is yet another eerie reminder of the Soviet and Czarist Russia age coming back. 363 more words


Picture This

St. Ludger

Sumptuous color photos of pre-Bolshevik Revolution Russia depict glorious landscapes and an incredible diversity of people in this splashy Smithsonian piece by Natasha Geiling. 41 more words

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Why I love reading books by Julia P. Gelardi

I am a disciple of the brilliant Lainey Gossip and she always says that girl sh*t is the best sh*t. What she means is that the kind of gossip that goes down between girls is always the most interesting/fun/hilarious. 686 more words